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PewDiePie Lets Talk About Money

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[PewDiePie Lets Talk About Money]

[Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, PewDiePie, October 24, 1989:] Source:
How is it going? My name is PewDiePie. Let’s talk about money for a little bit. Yesterday, it was all over Facebook, how much money I made in 2014? There were some articles that trended and it just – it was everywhere like it was not just on Facebook.

Money is a topic that I’ve purposely tried to avoid for the five years that I’ve been making videos because I just – I just feel like it’s not important to anyone. And I just want to make entertaining videos.

Don’t get me wrong, though, I don’t hate money. I’m not going to pretend like, it doesn’t matter to me, because it matters to everyone, but when I started doing YouTube I was in college, I was on a student loan, I couldn’t even afford a proper computer that I could record gameplay on, so I was lucky I managed to sell some artwork that I made online and that’s how I was able to get started.

Some of you know this story, but shortly after I quit college, and so I had to get a job. And I took whatever job I could get which was to work in a hot dog stand. And a lot of people like to take this story as something negative or like oh, he did that or I can’t believe you used to sell hot dogs. Now look at him making big bucks. It wasn’t like that at all for me, I was the happiest I was at that time, because I was finally for the first time in many, many years doing what I wanted to do. And the fact that I could make videos was so much more important to me that I had to spend a few hours a day doing a job that wasn’t that prestigious.

I didn’t – know you could be big at – well, I know people who are big at other type of videos, but there was no one big in gaming and I didn’t know you could make money out of it. So it was never like a career that I just quit college to pursue, it’s just something I just love to do. And here we are five years later and it’s exploded. And what people, I guess, don’t really think about until it’s in their face, is that I have nine billion views. And that translates to something. There is ads on my videos. I make money out of those.

So whenever it comes out how much I made a certain year, people just get so shocked and a lot of people also which I saw, were very, very angry. They thought it was unfair. They thought I just sit on my ass all day and I just yell at the screen over here, which is true. But there’s so much more to it than that, and I understand that people just – haters gonna hate, right?

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But I don’t know, I’d really think that money doesn’t make you happy. I am just as happy as I am now as I was five years ago. I’m very happy that I don’t have to worry about paying rent because that was a huge issue when Marzia [Bisognin] came over to Sweden, we could barely afford it. So I’m happy about that, but other than that, it doesn’t change much. This is – and to see people being upset about this whole thing is just – it’s just sad. I think it’s such a waste.

I selected some of my few favorite comments, just to read for fun, lets check it out:

“If only I could get paid that much for being a complete retard in front of a webcam and generate a few million views.”

All right, I have a very nice camcorder. Thank you very much.

I think that’s what’s cool about YouTube, – that anyone can technically do it, right?

Surely if I didn’t exist, there would be someone to fill my place. I do work a tremendous amount like I ask my girlfriend. And, I think, Alex, if you do it too, you could do it. I believe in you.

“I find it funny how someone who yells and plays video games make this much money, when there are people out there who risk there lives, fighting for this country! And they get paid hardly anything.”

[PewDiePie:] Source:
With this country I’m going to assume you mean America. I mean yeah, you are right. War is such a better cause that needs more of our money and attention. That – it’s really worked out well throughout history, so you make a really good point there.

Oh, here is one that I see a lot, which is “hmm, hmm, hmm, should be getting paid this much instead, at least, hmm, hmm is actually funny.”

It really doesn’t matter what you think. Life is not fair this how it is. If you think someone else is funny or go refresh their videos over and over, because that’s how we get paid.

Hay everyone, I can scream at nothing. I mean, I scream at games. It’d be kind of awesome if I scream at nothing, though.

Make lame sex jokes, not going to argue with that. And a rape joke, even if I have to apologise for it.

Dress up in female underwear and do the Harlem Shake. Give me millions of dollars.

If you looked as good as I do in a bikini then you could probably pull it off. But I sincerely doubt that you do. So I’m sorry.

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Well, people have to understand PewDiePie was located in one of the European countries, which gained their views, then move to Italy, so he gets all of their views. I got all of the views from Italy, holy shit.

Plus he has an English speaking channel, which gains him views for every English speaking country. I’d never been featured on the Italian front page of YouTube. Have you seen the Italian front page of YouTube? It’s really only football. Honestly I don’t know why I became big there.

Conclusion, it seems like the whole world cares more about how much money I make than I do myself. And we did raise a million dollar to charity and very few articles picked up on that, but here it is everywhere how much money I make. I don’t think there is any good reason why anyone should care. And on top of that, I guess, there’s no good reason why I should care either. So we’re just going to end it there.

I do want to finish off by just saying thank you so much to all of you who watch my videos, enjoy them and support what I do. It really does mean a lot. And I’m just happy doing this. I would be doing it even if I was still not as big as I am or whatever.

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I’m sorry I had to waste a video on this, but I just felt like it needed to be said, all right, bye.

PewDiePie Lets Talk About Money

PewDiePie Lets Talk About Money

PewDiePie Lets Talk About Money. I think that’s what’s cool about YouTube, – that anyone can technically do it, right? Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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