PewDiePie Don’t Come To My House


PewDiePie Don’t Come To My House

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[PewDiePie Don’t Come To My House]

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Hey, how is it going, bros. My name is PewDiePie. And this is a really tough video; just don’t come to my house please. Are we done? Are we done? That was it. I think this video will be some sort of public service announcement where I speak for many if not all YouTubers, also saying what should be obvious, so really – I don’t know what’s the point.

Since I started doing YouTube, I have lived in sex – I was going to go seven or six and then it went sex, that’s pretty funny. I lived in sex different locations. And I have had fans coming up to each and every single one of them. And here is the big surprise. It’s fucking weird. It’s so weird. It’s so fucking weird. It’s so weird. It’s eh – ah just stop, picture it like this.

I don’t know who you are, but I know that you found my address online and thought hey, I am going to invite myself over.

From my perspective that’s just insane. I have even had parents coming over with their kids.

I have had people yell outside my house.

I had school classes come outside, just because you found my address, doesn’t mean you found an invitation for you to come over. This should be obvious. And I know a lot of people will say, well, you’re a YouTuber, you signed up for this life, now you’ve got to deal with it. And it’s like, no, fuck, fuck, no, okay, just because I have an audience, doesn’t mean I have to be okay with bad behavior, that’s so stupid.

And I also know that videos like these tend to make people think, well, he really doesn’t care about his fans, does it. So don’t get me wrong.

I love meeting you bros, 99% of the time it’s an amazing experience. And it makes me understand that what I do here every single day in front of the computer has real impact and that’s something I never want taken away. But if you do come to my house, I will not greet you and I will not take a picture with you. And if you came from really far away, well, I am sorry, you shouldn’t have done that.

This is about my privacy and I think if you bros were in the same situation, you would want the same thing for yourself. So thank you for understanding. Don’t come to YouTubers houses because it’s weird and thank you guys so much, love you guys so much. And as always…

PewDiePie Don't Come To My House

PewDiePie Don’t Come To My House

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