PewDiePie Daily Vlogging Birdabo


PewDiePie Daily Vlogging Birdabo

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[PewDiePie Daily Vlogging Birdabo]

[PewDiePie:] Source:
Hey, hows it going. It’s time for a update and you know what that means.

Say hi to Slippy everyone!

[Bones TheArtOfCremation]

Sitting in the motherfucking dark just smoking
I don’t want to hear no talking

[PewDiePie:] Source:
I have an important update I need to make I just realized I’ve forgot something…


Here we go…

I’m going away.

A friend of mine is gonna take care of Slippy while I’m gone. I hope they do a good job cuz I really care about you Slippy. I just wish you would stop shiting you know? Uh, I’m going away to Los Angeles. Just like I did last year. If you remember. HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING THAT LONG??? *sighs*

I hate myself.

I’m not supposed to say why I’m there but I’m going at the exact same time for the exact same amount, just like I did last year so if you have a brain, you’ll figure out that I’m doing ‘Scare Pewdiepie’I don’t know why I’m not supposed to say that. Just makes it… everything complicated for no good reason. But yeah I’ll be away for 3 weeks. But I decided that I was going to daily vlog during that time. Last year I had prepared videos in advance and it was a fucking nightmare. It’s the worst time OH OH IT’S CUMMING. Oh it’s shitting.

[Bones TheArtOfCremation]

Sitting in the motherfucking dark just smoking
I don’t want to hear no talking

Oh shit, it’s a lot of shit happening here. Ok alright. Yeah no last year was the worst point in my YouTube career because I was so forced to make videos while I was being away.

So this year I just decided to daily vlog. Instead I’m gonna daily vlog, I’m gonna DAILY VLOG, it’s a huge announcement I’M DAILY VLOGGING — Slippy do you understand the consequences of what’s happening?

Gonna daily vlog.

It should be a lot of fun, I’m really excited.

I’m genuinely excited.

Cause I, uhh… You know how people call their vlogs something special? Like, “Vlogmas” or or like the “Vlogly” and whatever. I’m gonna call it “BIRDABO”.


For absolutely no reason at all. I just thought it was the dumbest name I could think of.

I think my videos have been pretty inconsistent lately which, believe it or not, still kind of affects me If a video’s doing badly, I’m not too happy about it.

I think it would be nice for me to change the pace a little bit, and do something different for a while and I think you bros will enjoy it as well.

Last years vlogs were very VERY popular and successful and a lot of people liked them *insert creepy mask meme* so I think it could be a lot of fun to share that adventure with you guys.

I will still do regular videos while I’m there as well, but I think the main thing is going to be……


I’m gonna meet a lot of cool people while I’m in LA. I’m really excited, there’s a lot of people flying in for the show.

I think a lot of Scare Pewdiepie didn’t really work, but I think a lot of it… some episodes are really Really REALLY funny and I think we’re really focused in on what worked and we’re just gonna keep doing that.

Yeah, been – been kind of stressing out over me leaving for such a long time. So, for me to be away it freaks you out a little bit.

But y’know DAILY VLOGGING it should be fun!

BIRDABO, everyone!!!!

BIRDABO! Clap it up! *claps* It’s gonna be very hype and very happy!
I’ll be your hands!


This looks awesome by the way
I just realized…

“Hi, how’s it goin’? This is Garble here.

Let me tell you about BIRDABO.”

Oh, what am I doing?!?!

This is so silly! This is not my hands!

Why would I do..??

Thank you for always supporting me when ever I do different stuff. Um, I’m really proud to have an audience that lets me explore and do different things even though sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes it does and um… I really appreciate that you guys are here.

The fact that you guys have been supporting me for years is incredible and just…I did not think I would still be where I am today a year ago while doing the same thing.

Honestly, I’m just happy that I’m still able to do this and I…I …from the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting that –

Cause you make it happen by watching my videos.

So I really hope you will enjoy BIRDABO.

It’s gonna be a fresh…New…EXPERIENCE.

And, um, that’s it from me for now!

[PewDiePie:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Stay awesome bros! *Brofist*

PewDiePie Daily  Vlogging Birdabo Announcement

PewDiePie Daily
Vlogging Birdabo

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