Peter Draws How To Make Expensive Art Tutorial Easy


Peter Draws How To Make Expensive Art Tutorial Easy

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[Peter Draws How To Make Expensive Art Tutorial Easy]

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All right, so every week I get thousands of letters saying Peter so called draws. Nice YouTube channel and all. But when are you going show us how to make expensive art, you know. A way to really make bank and rake in the dough like any successful artist really wants to do, you know. Because we all know that making tons of money is what art is really all about. And the only reason why anyone does it.

So what you want to do?

Is grab a piece of paper and a couple of art supplies of your choice, the simpler the better, the straight. Just keep it simple, straightforward. And I chose a Sharpie and a Crayola marker here.

I chose a red one.

Uh… And let’s begin drawing some lines. Now you don’t want to uh… you can either go two directions with this you can make it either look like exactly something. You can either draw a boy holding a red balloon, that way people know what it is. And then I have to wonder what it is, they can just wonder what it means? You know. What the symbolism? What does it mean on deeper level? And they’ll feel better about themselves if they can figure it out for themselves and tell themselves and tell each other – you know, what the balloon means, what the boy means, may be the boys themselves or society and the balloon is this.

Or you can go at another direction and draw something very abstract.

And then people can look at it and just out of the blue they can say: look those strange looking lines, that is a boy holding a balloon even though, I know it doesn’t look like a boy and only vaguely looks like a balloon, trust me, that’s a boy holding a balloon.

So both of these approaches give people ways to feel good about looking at art and figuring out art.

So those are ways you can do it.

Now how to make it expensive?

This is, you know, to make things expensive, you can either charge a lot for one piece of art, or mass produce art and you know, charge a little bit for each of the many things you make.

For this one what I’m going to do is I’m just going to charge a lot for the one thing I’m making. So once you draw it, once you finish drawing it, don’t spend too much time drawing it, if you are just making one thing, because they you are just cutting in your profits. So I’m just going to spend a minute or two drawing this pro-tips.

Just if you are going to use any color, just use one color maybe, I chose red. And once you are done with it, go ahead and throw it in a nice looking frame to impress people.

People take nice looking frames very seriously. I’d go to any like nice art museum, where there’s expensive art and a lot of that stuff is in really nice frames. So get a nice frame, invest in that. I would recommend it. I know it will cut into your profits a lot. But your profits are going to be massive.

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Alright, so then I throw it into a nice frame and then to make it expensive just go ahead and put it up on your website or take it to a flea market or whatever and just put it up for like a $1 million bucks. And of course once you put it up there for $1 million buck some rich person is going to want it, just because, once it’s $1 million dollars, they can have it and anyone else that can’t afford it can’t have it.

So they’ll feel good about buying it just because they can. So boom.

Then you’ll have a $1 million dollars. And to have $1 million less dollars that’s capitalism and art shaking hands. It’s a beautiful thing.

All right, yeah so how to make expensive art, 101 pro-tips from Peter Draws. All right see you guys later, bye.

Peter Draws How To Make Expensive Art Tutorial Easy

Peter Draws How To Make Expensive Art Tutorial Easy

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