PETA Ostriches Killed For Hermes Prada Bagsoire


PETA Ostriches Killed For Hermes Prada Bagsoire

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[PETA Ostriches Killed For Hermes Prada Bagsoire]

Ostriches don’t really bury their heads in the sand. But fashion houses such as Hermes need to get their heads out of the sand and see what PETA uncovered.

In September 2015, PETA undercover investigators traveled to South Africa to expose the horror behind the ostrich leather industry.

They would never tell
you where their bags’ skin
come from.


But we are the one who
supply for the best luxury
groups, yeah. LVMH, Hermes.

They don’t want us to tell,
but Hermes, yes, for sure.
For the Birkin in ostrich,
it’s always Klein Karoo.

The Western Cape of South Africa is the ostrich killing capital of the world. 75% of the world’s Ostrich leather, Feathers and Meat comes from slaughterhouses in this region. The most lucrative part of the Ostriches body is the skin on the back.

This part – this part is the diamond area.
This is where the money is made…
this goes into a handbag or pair of shoes or whatever.

This slaughterhouse supplies skins to Prada . The skin of these three day old chicks will eventually be turned into designer wallets, Boots, Belts or Birken bags.

In the wild they would stay with their mothers and fathers for up to three years. On production farms they will never even get to meet their parents.

Instead they are kept in barren dirt feedlots and tagged as if they were nothing more than walking merchandise. They will even have feathers plucked out while they’re still alive. Their body feathers will be used for feather duster while their wing plumes will be used in costumes for the Moulin Rouge or Brazil’s carnival.

So, these are mostly for Mardi Gras and things like that?
Ah, yes.

In the wild they can live for more than 40 years. But in the Ostrich industry, they would be killed just after their first birthday. In less than two months these curious playful juveniles will be slaughtered and skinned. But Ostriches shouldn’t be treated like fabric.

They are fascinating and unique animals, the largest birds in the world. Although flightless they are the fastest land animals on two legs, both males and females are loyal parents who share all chick rearing responsibilities including the sitting on the eggs.

The dark feathered males take the night shift while the camouflaged females take the day shift.

A manager at a major Ostrich supply farm described the birds as smart and sensitive and able to navigate a complex social system.

Highly intelligent behavior, social behavior, not dumb birds.
I have a lot of respect for ostrich.
We as human beings, we can also learn from them.
Source: L Y B I O . N E T

But this respect and admiration for them doesn’t stop them from loading them onto trucks, headed for the slaughter house.

Here a worker strikes an ostrich on the way to a slaughter house that supplies skins for Prada.

You are about to watch a never before seen footage of ostrich slaughter inside the two largest ostrich processing companies in the world.

In just a few minutes these juveniles in the waiting pens will be herded up the shoots to the kill floor. A word of warning, many of the images are graphic.

Workers force him into a box to be electrically stunned.

Many of the panicked bird slip and fall on the floor while being man handled into the machines.

Other Ostriches next in line can see them being slaughtered through the doorway. Workers clamp their legs and bodies to immobilize them and stick their heads into the stunner.

Another worker cuts his throat.

This slaughterhouse is the exclusive supplier of ostrich skin to our Hermes. The distinctive bumps on ostrich leather are the follicles where the feathers were ripped out.

You can touch there.
It’s still warm.

Go to to pressure Hermes, Prada and other fashion houses to drop Ostrich leather and other exotic skins from their collections. And please, purchase only cruelty free, vegan fabrics, choosing kind fashion is no skin off your back.

PETA Ostriches Killed For Hermes Prada Bagsoire

PETA Ostriches Killed For Hermes Prada Bagsoire

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