Pepsi Chris Martin Talks Halftime


Pepsi Chris Martin Talks Halftime

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[Pepsi Chris Martin Talks Halftime]

Days before they were announced as performers at the Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime show. We sat down with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin at LA’s historic Henson Recording Studios.

[Christopher Anthony John “Chris” Martin (born 2 March 1977) (Lead Vocalist, Coldplay):] Source:
This is such an honor, especially being from across the ocean, you know this is the most American of celebrations and, you know I was just so moved that we got asked for every kid who’s throwing a ball dreaming of the Super Bowl. Now, I think a lot of musicians dream of the Super Bowl too because the Super Bowl of music is now the Super Bowl.

And we discovered that performing at an event of this unprecedented size can intimidate even the most iconic of performers.

[Chris Martin:]
Well now you mentioned I’m feeling very nervous. But we’re going to really practice. There’s one thing I love when I was nine doing like tiny concepts in school is if you practice it will be better than if you don’t. I’m nervous about two things one is Phil who is our fifth member telling me that my haircut isn’t good enough because it’s the kind of thing he might say two minutes before showtime. That would really throw me off. We used to playing to lot of people, but already it is tends to be about 119 million less so you know what I mean. So there’s still an increase of 119 million percent. So there’s a – there’s definitely a jump.

Chris talked about the inspiration and the influences that helped the band hit this amazing new milestone in their career.

[Chris Martin:]
The one and only time I ever had dinner with Bruce Springsteen um… I said wow, gosh wouldn’t it be amazing to play the Super Bowl and he goes they keep asking me man. And I was like what? And you haven’t said, yes, I don’t know. This is a terrible impression – and he’s like really, and what was funny was our manager called me, this is about a few years ago. I think you’re second in the running for super bowl and I said look who’s first. And it was Bruce and he accepted and it was amazing. And he was very sweet and he said it was because of that dinner.

We asked him about the sheer effort it takes to pull off a performance as significant as the halftime show.

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For every performer that you’re seeing out there, what you’re not seeing is this army of incredible people that really, really know what they’re doing. If we just turned up with a van and some guitars and they said okay now you step yourself up in halftime and you know it would be dreadful. I don’t even know how to plug my amp in and it was terrible. So in a way it’s just as fascinating to see all the people on headsets and people who have practiced to push the stage on and the people who built the lights on, choreographer dancers, or where all the kids came from who are in the marching bands. All of these people’s jobs peak at the same moment. And that’s I think why it’s got this extra zing to it.

And finally we learned that this moment, this 12 minute show may just be the most powerful and special moment that Coldplay has experienced yet.

[Chris Martin:]
I think the reason we’re really excited to do is because it feels so much about people and togetherness and celebration. And it brings such amazing desperate parts of the country and even the world together around one thing. There were talks about it. We love interacting with people and singing along with people and feeding the world connect. And I think this is one of the days in the year when the world connects.

Discover Coldplay’s journey to the biggest performance of their lives. And for more behind the scenes, go to on January 11th.

Pepsi Chris Martin Talks Halftime

Pepsi Chris Martin Talks Halftime

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