Pepe Market Crash Ruins Lives In Israel


Pepe Market Crash Ruins Lives In Israel

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[Pepe Market Crash Ruins Lives In Israel]

[The Palestinians Are Crashing The Israeli Meme Market]

With us is Elan Joseph, our Pepe expert.

As you may already know, if you go online, there are hundreds, if not thousands. Of memes to invest your shekels in, most profitable are political memes, I mean Pepe memes, but the market is crashing, Goys are posting them non-stop. And the value is plummeting.

But there are lots of other memes!

I know, but most invest in a single meme, usually in Pepe, like this poor guy here. The most common mistake investors make is buying one Pepe using all their budget. And then complain when it gets posted. Just holding your thumb up, and praying for the best, is not a very wise investment strategy.

It’s a nightmare come true,

You’re telling me? I lost 6 million shekels! Sell your memes and get out!

Won’t prices go up again?

There is no way.

But what if

There is no way.

How could you tell there are no more Rares?

There are no more Rares. Goys are posting them as soon as they’re made. I’m telling you, There is not a single Rare left. Not a single Rare left in the entire known web I even installed Tor and looked all over the Deep Web. And this goy scammed me out of 2 Bitcoins. And sent me a .rar filled with pictures of the holocaust.

Is this Pepe Rare?

No, but I still have one fantastic Rare Pepe intact, it may be my only one but its value keeps rising.

Is it this one?

No, my Pepe looks like me, AND I made it myself. So there’s absolutely no way anyone else could post it, I plan on moving out of my mother’s house after I sell it. Maybe even get a RealDoll or two, and upgrade my PC. So, I’m waiting for the right t-

A viewer just sent this in, he says you shouldn’t use ur public email with dropbox. You can always save money driving a tractor. And move to a kibbutz where you live off the land. But back to the question: To invest in memes or not?
People need to invest in different memes like I do, unless they wanna end up in a Kibbutz, picking up cow shit and working all day. But absolutely, do keep investing in memes. Just remember never to invest in a single meme. It even says so in the Torah, 4:20 “Jerusalem shall not be your only meme” Yet people keep making those simple mistakes, they keep investing in a single Pepe like this idiot, I’m telling you this as a friend, invest in other alternatives.

Are there better memes than Pepe? Source: L Y B I O . N E T

Absolutely, I have some Rare Jerusalem memes, funny cats in Jerusalem, Gay nightlife in Jerusalem, you won’t find those anywhere online. But my Rarest Jerusalem is political, which I can’t describe or goys will post it. So hopefully I can make some shekels from it. If anyone wants to buy it call me at 1-800-MEME.

I’m gonna have to cut you here, but thank you for coming to the show

Pepe Market Crash Ruins Lives In Israel

Pepe Market Crash Ruins Lives In Israel

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