Owner Threatens Gordon Ramsay For Calling Him Stupid Kitchen Nightmares


Owner Threatens Gordon Ramsay For Calling Him Stupid Kitchen Nightmares

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[Owner Threatens Gordon Ramsay For Calling Him Stupid Kitchen Nightmares]

I have fired Chef Damon officially yesterday.

[Gordon Ramsay:] Source: LYBIO.net
Yeah. Any chef of his own mind would have gracefully handed the towel in and resigned, right. Moving forward I am going to do some work in the kitchen, do you have any recipes on pen and paper?

Right here.

[Gordon Ramsay:]

Right here.

[Gordon Ramsay:]
So why aren’t they on the paper, why haven’t we got a database?

I like to keep my recipe secrets. If I put them on the piece of paper, I don’t want somebody to steal them.

[Gordon Ramsay:]
[Fuckin hell!] Oh, Jesus Christ! So, your worried that somebody gets the recipe and copies it.

If anybody shares my recipe, I am going to kill ’em. It’s my recipe.

[Gordon Ramsay:]
Rami, help me out, will you, is just for real?

That’s what we do with everyday chef.

You think it’s funny, but believe what I tell you.

[Gordon Ramsay:]
I don’t think it’s funny. You’re just a little bit diluted.

Oh, you know what? The recipes are in my head.

[Gordon Ramsay:]
Are you stupid?

I’m not stupid.

Moe, you are a stupid, the kitchen absolutely don’t know what the fuck to cook because the recipe is in Moe’s head. It’s crazy.

Don’t call me stupid in my fucking restaurant. Do you understand that you need to learn how to talk to people. This is New Orleans, do you understand?


This is New Orleans, don’t fucking come down here talking to us like that.

[Gordon Ramsay:]
Calm down.

I have never been chewed up like you chewed me, never…

[Gordon Ramsay:]

We’ve got nothing but swamps around here. Anybody talks like that get chopped up and gets fed to the fucking alligators.

[Gordon Ramsay:]
I’m not here to blow smoke up your fucking ass. Let me tell you that, I’m here to fix this restaurant, but you’re one obstacle, aren’t you?

No, I’m an easy going guy. I listen, I work hard…

[Gordon Ramsay:]
But you’re a busy idiot.

I don’t think he gets it that he needs to watch his language.

But you’re getting that, he is here to help us.

I’m not calling him an idiot, he is calling an idiot.

[Gordon Ramsay:]
A busy idiot.

A busy idiot?

[Gordon Ramsay:]
You’re working hard in the wrong places…

What I’m – I mean, I feel like flipping the fucking table right now.

Did you hear what he just said, he just explained it, he just told you, you’re working hard in the wrong places.

Busy idiot, is he kidding with me? I will stand up, beat the fuck out of him and show him who the fucking idiot is.

[Gordon Ramsay:]
What is it – you want a fight?

My problem is I want to make…

[Gordon Ramsay:] Set the table…

I want to make this restaurant successful, that’s my problem.

[Gordon Ramsay:] Source: LYBIO.net
Okay, so do I. I’m here to help. I don’t want to see you running around killing yourself like a busy idiot. I’ve just got over the fact that we haven’t got any recipes on paper and they’re all in your head. You are worried about writing them down for some other chef copying them and making their restaurants more successful than yours. I’m in the real world that’s where I am. You’re treating me like one of your fucking staff. Well, let me tell you, Moe, I’m not a member of your staff, flip the table, punch me, do what the fuck you want to do, but don’t fuck with me. Got it?

Got it.

[Gordon Ramsay:]
Thank you, see you later.

He is not understanding that this guy can make a different in our life. He is British. The busy idiot over there means something totally different over here. A busy idiot I think is a good thing. That means, you are working hard on the wrong places.

Busy idiot is a compliment?

That’s a compliment. He’s from British. He doesn’t speak English. I know busy idiot is not a compliment, but I had to calm Moe down.

But he needs to understand that busy idiot in America is an insult.

Okay, busy idiot is a good thing. I had to tell him, it’s a compliment. So we can move on because other than that he is going to keep going at it with Chef Ramsey, well, we’re not going to go nowhere. Let’s – can we move on.

We can move on.


Oh like you know, I should have brought the fucking British dictionary, it took me a long fucking time to learn my language. How long is it going to take me, I mean, that’s last thing I want just learn fucking British.

[Gordon Ramsay:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Sort of cleaning out your fridge from time to time, one fucking question to you, who is the asshole now chef, Damon when was the duck cooked?

Well, I can’t give you the answer.

Oh, come on. I mean, what fuck is this?

I don’t know.

You don’t know when the duck was fuckin’ cooked?

Owner Threatens Gordon Ramsay For Calling Him Stupid Kitchen Nightmares

Owner Threatens Gordon Ramsay For Calling Him Stupid Kitchen Nightmares

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Owner Threatens Gordon Ramsay For Calling Him Stupid Kitchen Nightmares. If anybody shares my recipe, I am going to kill ’em. It’s my recipe. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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