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Olan Rogers – OlanRogers – JUST BE YOU

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[Olan Rogers – OlanRogers – JUST BE YOU]

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This is going to be a little bit of a different video, it’s kind of like a response to Chris Kendall’s video, who is one of my favorite YouTubers Crabstickz. And its also half answering a frequent asked question that I get a lot, which is about ‘starting up a YouTube channel’, like what to do. You know, you want to start YouTube channel. What’s the first thing you do, you know, what do you think about, what you want to create. And the first thing I would say ‘just to be you’.

I think too many people on YouTube even the freaking the high chancellors of YouTube, they tend to like to mimic and kind of to the same kind of thing, like you know for example challenge videos. I don’t know how many freaking challenge videos I’ve seen in the past two years, it’s ridiculous. It seems to be a very successful thing to do — to see what they’re doing and kind of follow it. I would propose to not do it. To find an identity with yourself like, who are you.

I want to see you – that the thing that you want to do, might not be the most popular thing on YouTube, but I guarantee you — let’s just say hypothetically that you want to make painting tutorials. Okay and you’re all about this painting tutorials. I would rather watch somebody passionate about painting tutorials than a flipping another challenge video — have some integrity, you know, with your audience these are people that take time out of their day to watch you. They can watch anything else and they chose to watch you.

So why not be as honest and open as possible and treat them, like they matter like really matter, please be honest ‘oh gosh please to be honest’. There’s too many people on this YouTube that uh… have a disguise on, the way I want about it, it was I wanted to be very I wouldn’t be authentic, you know, I think people connect with authenticity I’ve been doing it for 10 years, it took me about seven until I have actually that able to make something out of this.

I’m not the best person to give an answer to this. You can go two ways, you can go two ways. Okay one way is the fast flash in the pan you’ll probably make a ton of money. Okay and that just by doing sponsors just doing everything you can freaking grab that’s the way you want to do it, just know that it might not last for ever. Your audience will pick up on it. They are going to pick up on it. They are going to pick up and like this guy is done has done you know – sponsors – he keeps talking about freaking nature box or you can go the slow and steady way.

[Olan Rogers:] Source: LYBIO.net
And usually by going that way, there is more longevity, but you’re going to make infinitely less, just know you will make infinitely less, because going that way you’re doing things that it’s kind of like a give and take. Okay. They support you, you got to give back, they support you, you give back, they support you, you give back every step that you go you’re pulling them up to the next step because that’s – that’s the slow and steady way.

The fast way the guy is just booking it up the steps, he is just running up the steps he doesn’t care, you know, he is leaving the audience down there that — he saying all the things that they want to hear. Okay if I could give advice don’t go that way. You think about any kind of foundation if you freaking start slapping bricks down not thinking about where they go — one day it will fall. If you do it nice and slow brick by brick by brick, I guarantee you that thing it will last.

And ten years from now, you know, they probably still be around what is success for you, you know, is it having the numbers. Is it having that prestige of being you know a very high subscriber count and views and is that what you want, if that is what you want just freaking shadow a big YouTuber. Do everything they do. Or just be really attractive, be really attractive maybe even have an accent. If you have those two things you have it made, I guarantee you, you have it made, me I’m a friggin loud American with floppy hair and that doesn’t fair well on the internet, imagine this, imagine like hundred years from now.

Okay you’re dead long gone, okay in the grave YouTube still exist, the channel is still active and somebody finds it one day, they find it and they look at it. And they connect they’re like this I know who – I can see this person — if — because I thought about this it was like it such brought a smile to my face – I was driving my car and I saw it and I smile so big is – look like when I’m long gone, you know hundred years from now. And my kids or grandkids they want to – they want to see me, you know, and they just go they go on YouTube and they see, they see me you know that’s, that’s you know – that’s him, that’s, that’s you know…

It’s like a documentation it’s like your life, you know, it’s like they look at it and they can see you laugh, they can see you, you know, go through the hard times, they can see you friggin goof-off, it’s almost like it’s better than a picture, because it seeing them it’s experiencing them it’s experiencing what they were about, you know, what did they enjoy, what made them laugh, what made them cry? That’s — I want to see that, so many people want to see that and if you think about it that way. What do you want to leave behind? What do you want people to see? That’s what you need to be asking yourself.

The people that are remembered are usually people that aren’t the most popular people, you know, they are usually the people that went the other way, you know, I’ve been doing YouTube 10 years – 10 years gez. And I still don’t got it figured out – I just don’t have it figured out – but I will say that I’m having fun and the person that you see on that YouTube channel is me; like that is me; that that goofy guy; that’s me, when I look at that I see myself. I hope that helps, I honest I really do hope it helps I don’t know if it will, but I also would like to say, you know Chris Kendall buddy I friggin – I want nothing but the best for you.

[Olan Rogers:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
You are one of my favorite friggin YouTubers, I know you’re going through a lot right now and I just want you to know that if you ever need anything, anything from me. I’m there I’m there 100%. I’ve always been a guy that that puts friends above anybody and even though we’ve never met, we have talked, we have chatted, we have worked with with each other on a few little things and I do view you as a friend man and I hope sometime this year I can come to the UK we can hang out get coffee, tea, gummy bears whatever you want to do. Um…and to everybody watching, I’m sorry about, you know, if this video sucked I had videos – I had a video, we’re going to shoot but they are friggin everything in the world was against it and it didn’t happen. So I wanted to put something out and I felt like this was a good thing to put out and I hope it helps I really do so until next time….

Olan Rogers - OlanRogers - JUST BE YOU

Olan Rogers – OlanRogers – JUST BE YOU

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