Officer Tom Webster Arrest Video Of Lateef Dickerson


Officer Tom Webster Arrest Video Of Lateef Dickerson

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[Officer Tom Webster Arrest Video Of Lateef Dickerson]

On August 24, 2013, the Dover Police Department responded to a large fight/assault in progress at the Hess Gas Station located at 31 North DuPont Highway. This is the video from a responding officer’s vehicle mounted camera.

WARNING: Contains Explicit Language.

Lights and Siren activated to respond to large fight/assault at the Hess station.

[Dispatch:] Suspect inside.
[Officer:] 80 is about to go 10-2 (1st officer on scene)
[Officer:] Alright, I’ve got people running….(inaudible)
[Officer:] White Ford Explorer…Get on the Fuckin ground. Right now.
[Officer:] I got people bailing everywhere… a White Ford Explorer fleeing northbound.
[Officer:] I’ve got 2 people on the other side of the store.
[Officer:] I’m coming up on 13 (Rt. 13)…inaudible.
[Officer:] Alright, I’ve got one…another one fled fled around the store. He was in a yellow shirt and a hat.
[DPD Dispatcher:] The yellow shirt is the one with the gun (as reported to DPD dispatchers)
[Officer:] The Expedition had a temporary tag.
[Dover PD Dispatcher:] The guy in the yellow shirt has a gun; just took a call.
[Officer:] I’m on Maple (Parkway), followed by in audible transmission.
[Officer:] Alright, he had to have gone westbound, possibly across the highway.
[Dover Police Dispatcher:] He’s by probation and parole, he’s in a yellow shirt. He’s the one with the gun. He’s in front of probation and parole, running westbound.
[Text:] Officer Webster can be faintly heard yelling: GET ON THE GROUND-GET ON THE GROUND.
[Officer:] Get on the fuckin’ ground. Get on the fuckin’ ground!
[Text:] Officer Webster attempts to take subject to the ground by taking his legs out while yelling verbal commands to GET ON THE GROUND.
[Text:] Officer’s handcuff subject.
[Officer (Voice Over):] There may be several others on the road, on foot as well. In the area of that little trailer park back there, they were running behind the Explorer.
[Officer:] Anybody else got anything on this guy in yellow?
[Officer Webster:] He’s 15 (code for “in custody”) over here by probation. We are searching for the weapon.
[Dover PD Dispatcher:] Apparently, there is another subject in yellow and ripped his shirt off, the RP (reporting person) stated and he was in a white “wifebeater” (tank top). We also took a call from 272 North DuPont stating they need the police there reference people loitering on their property.
[Officer Webster:] Get us another unit over here by probation if there’s one available to search for this other subject. We have one with a white wifebeater and a yellow hat.
[Unidentified (Voice in background):] I think that guy’s down there.
[Officer:] 16 is going 10-2 (on scene) probation.
[Officer:] 55 going 10-2…inaudible.
[Officer:] We’ve got enough at probation, I want everybody…inaudible.
[Unidentified:] Set a perimeter up, nobody else ran west, everybody had to have went east.
[Unidentified:] Alright 77, the dude in the yellow and another guy did run west (of the Hess Station). I had 2 run west, I had 2 run northwest and the white explorer went northeast by that little trailer park back here.
[Unidentified:] Alright, we got guys down here. Hey! Do we have anybody down here?

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