No Fault Eviction Help For Charles GoFundMe


No Fault Eviction Help For Charles GoFundMe

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[No Fault Eviction Help For Charles GoFundMe]

If you live in Washougal Washington, you know this corner very well. For about 6 years you’ve seen this man, sitting there, day after day, asking for help for his family.

By the end of April, you’ll likely never see this man there again. Why? Because he and his fragile family are now met with a no-fault eviction.

The man’s name is Charles, or chuck for short, and he and his family have lived in their home just a few steps away from this corner for 17 years. The landlord gave them until April 30th to be completely moved out so the home can be completely remodeled and rented out again at a higher cost.

This process is legal in the state of Washington, but now the family is facing a serious crisis. Within a few short weeks, they have to find a new home, and come up with funds for moving, as well as first and last month’s rent and a security deposit.

Charles and his wife are both on disability. His wife Rusty has advanced lupus. She’s had 9 surgeries and came home from her last hospital visit less than 2 weeks ago. Charles has chronic knee pain making it difficult for him to walk. Extremely limited mobility in his left hand due to an old injury, and has lost 60% of his vision in his right eye. His next eye surgery is scheduled for about 10 days before their eviction date.

Right now this family faces moving out of their home, and living in a car that barely runs, while recovering from surgery and dealing with the constant pain of late stage lupus.

This is their reality, and it will unfold in the next few weeks unless they receive help. If only a thousand of us could skip lunch for one day, and donate those funds to this family, they’d have 10,000 dollars, they’d be able to make it. They’d be safe.

For 6 years, he’s sat on that street corner asking for help as his family has struggled. Pain, hunger, shame, none of these things are foreign to Charles. What he needs now is love. He needs us. We can help this family.

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No Fault Eviction Help For Charles GoFundMe

No Fault Eviction Help For Charles GoFundMe

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