Nikki Bella Undergoes Surgery On Her Neck


Nikki Bella Undergoes Surgery On Her Neck

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[Nikki Bella Undergoes Surgery On Her Neck]

[Nikki Bella (WWE DIVA):] Source:
I’m getting neck surgery this morning with an amazing surgeon named Dr. Uribe as I’m getting a bone fusion and for my C6-C7. I kind of have a rare injury, because my disc has gone behind my vertebrate.

[Dr. Juan S. Uribe (NEUROSURGEON):]
So basically, she has a significant disc herniation between the C6-C7 vertebrate on the cervical spine that was pushing on the spinal cord and the nerves.

[Nikki Bella (WWE DIVA):]
Well I started feeling the pain in July of 2015, and just over time I knew there was something that wasn’t right with my body, and it was finally in October when I knew I definitely needed an MRI. We don’t know exactly what has caused this, could just be wear and tear. I don’t know if anyone has ever showed up to the hospital with this biggest entourage as I have. But today, I have my love, John Cena, with me; my sister, Brie Bella; my brother is here; my mom. Honestly, I’m so happy that everyone is here because I would be terrified if I was here alone.

[Brie Bella (WWE DIVA):]
Being her tag partner and her sister, it’s been hard on me too because I’m so used to walking out with Nikki down a ramp. I feel like I have more anxiety and I’m more nervous than she is. It’s just, of course, FEARLESS NIKKI.

Love the distraction, ha.

[Nikki Bella (WWE DIVA):]
I know, eh?

All my patients should get that type of care.

[Nikki Bella (WWE DIVA):] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
After I have surgery, I will have to stay in the hospital for quite a little bit, over 24 hours, just to make sure everything is okay. And then, after that, I will head home and I think this will be the first time since I’ve been in high school that I’m going to be home for three months straight. It’s crazy. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. There’s really no rehab with my neck. It’s basically just resting and keeping my neck as straight as possible. So that bone fusion can do what it does best.

So, I am Tampa bound for three months. So I just don’t know what I’m going to do. But thank goodness for social media, because I’m definitely going to be documenting my comeback. Even with a neck brace, I’m going to stay fearless, and do the best I can.

Nikki Bella Undergoes Surgery On Her Neck

Nikki Bella Undergoes Surgery On Her Neck

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