Nigel Farage Ends Hillary Clinton


Nigel Farage Ends Hillary Clinton

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[Nigel Farage Ends Hillary Clinton]

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What I was always told it was a very good thing in life to be judged by your enemies. If Mrs. Clinton is now one of my avowed sworn enemy, I must be doing something right. Look, she represents so much that has gone wrong over the last two decades these political elites who work pretty much and in glove with the giant multinational businesses where frankly the relationships between money and politics are so blurred. They are in the minds of many people, frankly, it begins to look corrupt.

She represents a kind of politics that has seen us, you in the States and us here, meddling endlessly in the Middle East, getting involved in military conflicts, in situations of which we have very little knowledge and frankly we’ve made things, I think, quite a lot worse.

And she represents a kind of – a kind of privileged elites that pretends at election time that it represents ordinary folk and their aspirations but actually about self.

So I think that Hillary Clinton is a truly awful candidate frankly I think the worst I’ve ever seen in the States. And if she would win all the same bad old things would just continue.

Nigel Farage Ends Hillary Clinton

Nigel Farage Ends Hillary Clinton

Nigel Farage Ends Hillary Clinton. I think that Hillary Clinton is a truly awful candidate. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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