Nigahiga – The Kendama Toy


Nigahiga – The Kendama Toy

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[Nigahiga – The Kendama Toy]

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Has this ever happened to you?

I’m bored.

All I have is a Wii, X-Box and internet connection.

I wish I could waste my time in a better and more Japanese way.

Well, run no further. Thanks to the Kendama toy.

Kendama toy.

You will never not, not have to waste your time in a less Japanese way again. I know what you are thinking, what the heck is it?

Kendama Toy.

Sounds like some kind of a martial art or Asian magic. Well, let me tell you Kendama did in fact originate from Japan.

That was kinda racist.

And has taken the whole world by storm!~. Everyone loves to Kendama. Younger kids to older kids, to kids riding kites, and kids flying bikes all kids love to Kendama.

Kendama toy.

In fact, did you know that Kendama means kids in Japanese, well neither do the Japanese, but Kendama means kids.

Kendama doesn’t mean kids.

Most toys are lame and boring like this X-Box, I can’t even catch the ball. Well, not for long kids thanks to the Kendama. Your balls will always be a part of the fun.

That’s what she said.

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With the Kendama, you can take the ball and catch it on its side, catch it on the other side. Kendama that bad boy all the way to the top, but wait, did you know that you even catch it on the bottom!~.

But that’s not all kids, the Kendama has many other fun uses as well. Like a lasso, a judge’s gavel, a door stopper, dental floss, baseball by yourself, a giant wrecking ball for [house/ants], earrings, telling your friends you have an apple when you really don’t, making yourself look like you have a great big idea in your head, a kite or even just shutting up your irritating friends.

Kendama Toy.

And because the Kendama toy has a really hard ball and a sharp point not only is it safe for kids, but it will keep your kids safe. And if you order now, we will also throw in this free Kendama self defense DVD for just $19.99 more.

We’ve all been there. Playing with your Kendama when all of a sudden someone pulls a gun to your head, well no longer we do never not, not know how to knock people to defend yourself again.

We’ll show you the techniques you need to know to stay safe. (Huh) All you have to do is get this Kendama self defense DVD and I will personally teach you how to own a Kendama magic lessons DVDs, where you will really learn the art of Kendamagic.

So, order it now you, and you will not only get the …

Kendama toy.

But the Kendama …

Kendama Self Defense DVD.

And the Kendamagic lesson DVD.

Kendamagic lesson DVD

For free, that’s a whopping 7310 yen value, but we were giving to you for not 20 yen not $20, but 20 easy payments of 79.99 British pounds. So, what are you waiting for? Order your…

Kendama toy.

And you’ll be singing…

Kendama toy

Every time.

[Nigahiga] Source:
The Kendama Toy. Disclaimer ending: The Kendama Toy does not protect against STD’s, ANT’s or do any of the following things mentioned in this video. No animals were hurt in the making of this film, should a change in cabin pressure happen to happen, make sure to assist yourself before assisting a child and do not attempt to reenact, recreated or re-incarcerate any of the following stunts or forever hold your peace you may now kiss the bride, batteries not included.


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