Nigahiga iFhone 8 Commercial Leaked


Nigahiga iFhone 8 Commercial Leaked

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Nigahiga iFhone 8

Nigahiga iFhone 8

[Nigahiga iFhone 8 Commercial Leaked]

[Ryan Higa:] Source:
Introducing the all-new completely redesigned iFhone 7 iFhone 8.

Rony Hive
Senior Vice President of Design

A new release the iFhone 7 people complained that it was basically the same thing as a six just that we added another camera. But this time we made sure that wasn’t the case, we added two more cameras to give us the first ever quad camera experience. People would think it’s stupid or unnecessary to have four cameras on one phone just don’t understand that now with a quad camera you can take one picture and you have four of that same exact picture you could never do that before. Just think about what you could do with that.

If you’re a parent of quadruplets, you don’t need to get all of them to sit still for a picture, you just need one. You take two pictures. You got the point of view of a spider just like that. You don’t have to take eight individual pictures anymore. I mean even for a video, the video resolution alone, if you’re filming 1K, you’re shooting 4K now. It’s just kind of one of the main reasons why we went from the dual cam straight to the quad cam and skipped the tri-cam because you know if you film with a tri-cam, the resolution is a little – what two Samsung for us, it’s a little too edgy. First thing we want is people to get heated over this and explode on us, you know.

Another thing that people really criticize us for when we released the seven was the lack of new iFhone colors. Even though we did introduced two new colors


Jet Black

Black and jet black, people still weren’t pleased for some reasons. So this time around, in addition to the original colors, we’re also announcing a bunch of new and fresh colors for the iFhone 8 ranging from

Matte Black

Shiny Matte Black

Light Skin Brotha Black

Jack Black

Jack Black On A Hot Day

Matte black to shiny matte black, light skin brotha black, Jack black, Jack black on a hot day, but I could keep going, but we’d be here all day.

Just know that all these new colors will never get old because they’re all black and black, black don’t crack. And even with all the things we announced so far the craziest thing about the iFhone 8, the price. Are you ready for this?

iFhone 8: $1

[Ryan Higa:] Source:
We’re pricing the iFhone 8 at exactly $1, $1 – it’s pretty much free.

iFhone 8

I mean of course there are a few add-ons that you’re going to need. Just like the 7, the iFhone 8 doesn’t have any headphone jack, so if you want to use headphones, you have to buy the wireless one, not a big deal.

Wireless Earphones:

iFhone 8
ONLY $169

We did change the charger port again. We actually added two more charger ports to make it faster.

3 Different Chargers
$69.99 x3

iFhone 8
ONLY $384

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All three parts are different, so you have to get all three different chargers and actually they don’t plug into the one anymore, they only plug into our three new MackBooks, so you have to get those as well.

All New MackBooks
$6,969.99 x3

iFhone 8
ONLY $27000

Come more fun and new features for the iFhone 8, we also took all the lighting capabilities out of the iFhone, so you have to purchase the iLight if you want to use flash or flash light on the phone.


iFhone 8
ONLY $27913

We made a lot easier to text and write messages with the iBoard.


iFhone 8
ONLY $29922

So if your phone actually doesn’t have a keyboard anymore, you actually need the iBoard if you want to write anything.

YouTube Red

facebook BLUE

Snapchat YELLOW

iFhone 8
ONLY $29922

The iFhone 8 comes with the premium color version of every app, so you also have to purchase YouTube Red and facebook BLUE and Snapchat YELLOW and so on. Also if you want any reception or Internet of any kind, you’ll need the iCellPhoneTower Mini.

iCellPhoneTower Mini

iFhone 8
ONLY $6983446767868383876535433

This one is actually not wireless so that the Internet is faster, so you have to bring it wherever you go. Also Siri is no longer in the phone. We actually made her external, so you have to buy a person as well.

practically black

practically 4K

practically free

the iFhone 8

practically the same sh*t


[Ryan Higa:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Oh and I almost forgot to mention, one of the biggest new features we developed unlike the seven, which is only water resistant, we’ve finally developed a way to make the iFhone completely waterproof. All you have to do is use our new highly advanced iFhone case called the iANDROID.

Nigahiga iFhone 8 Commercial Leaked

Nigahiga iFhone 8 Commercial Leaked

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