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Hey, guys. So today I’m going to be shaving first and then I will start this again.

Hey, guys. So once again this is going to be one of those topics where I’ve always thought about it, but I never said it out loud or especially on a video because it’s very controversial. It’s a very touchy sensitive topic, but it is getting ridiculous and I just have to make a video about, so I apologize in advance to all you but hurt people – butthole people – butt hurt people.

So I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys have seen it just as much as I have, but these days my entire Facebook feed, my entire Twitter, everything – everything online has been filled with things about police brutality and not always but most of the time the victim happens to be black. And when first time I watched these video, I was like oh my gosh this is – this is terrible. I was glad that all these videos are going viral so that we could expose these corrupt and racist policemen. But I felt like these days’ people are using the whole police brutality trend for their own selfish reasons whether is to get a viral video out of it or to get an arrest or even to just further the world’s hate for police.

And I’m not talking about the videos where the police are actually at fault, I’m talking about the ones who are I’m actually siding with the officers. There’s people who try to make them look bad, you know, they egg them on, they disrespect them, they border line harass them until the police officer gets so mad that he makes a mistake and they get it all in camera. It looks a little something like this.

[Skit Begins:]

Can I help you?


Then why are you filming me?

Why not, you’re in a public area. It’s my legal right as an American citizen. I can stand here if I want. I can film you if I want.

Look, I understand that you can film me, but why are you filming me?

So that I don’t get shot…

Why would you assume that I’d shot you?

Because you all police are racists, hey fuck the police, fuck y’all!

Okay, I need you to calm down.

Why do I have to calm down? I’m just in public.

You need to calm down sir.

I’m filming you legally. I can say whatever I want.

I understand that. I’m just asking you to calm down sir.

Freedom of speech is my right as an American citizen, sir. You’re in public, aren’t you?

Sir, I’m just asking you to calm down, sir. I’m asking you back up.

Why? I ain’t touching you. I ain’t touching you. Everybody record, everybody record – everybody record this.

This is your last shot. You need to backup.

My hands are up sir. I’m not touching you. My hands are up. You can see my hands.

This is awful.

Look, both my hands.

All right, that’s it. You’re under arrest.


Get your hands up.

No, I’m hands are right here sir.

Hands behind your back.

Hey, leave him alone.

No, my hands are in the air.

You need to back up right now.

I don’t go to do shit! I don’t got to do shit!

All right, that’s it, you’re under arrest.

He didn’t do anything.

What did…

Please stop resisting right now.

I thought we’re in America.

Everybody record this.

You are hurting him.

Please stop resisting right now. Please stop resisting right now

Pledge allegiance.


I’m not resisting. Get off my ribs.

Hey, stop that.

You broke my elbow.

Hey, stop that.

You broke my heart.

Fuck the police. [Beep]

You broke my heart.

Fuck you ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Just tell me what I did wrong.

You want to know what you did wrong.

Yes, did I hurt you?

No, you did not.

Did I steal anything?

No, you did not.

Then what? Why am I under arrest?

You want to know what you did wrong.

What did I do?

Nigahiga A World Without Police Black Bars Matter

Nigahiga A World Without Police Black Bars Matter

You are filming vertically. How hard is to film it horizontally? You just have to turn it 90 degrees and that’s it. You want those black bars inside your video, huh?

No sir.

[Nigahiga (Ryan Higa):] Source:
Okay, I kind of exaggerated that scene, but the sad part is not that much actually. This is how people treat police officers these days. We’ve created a culture where it’s normal to hate our own police. Don’t get me wrong, I agree 100% that police brutality and racial discrimination is an issue, but it’s not just the police. It’s all of you who hate the police and harass them and say things like [beep] Fuck the police, the police are evil, police are all racists, we’re better off without them. Do you have any idea how ironic that is? Most of the people are saying these things and leaving these comments are minorities, not just black people, Asians, Hispanics, pretty much any other minority that feels like that they’ve been discriminated against their whole lives.

And you’re doing the exact same thing, but to policeman just because you saw a few videos of corrupt racist police officers that went viral, it doesn’t mean that all police officers are evil and out to get you, I mean, doesn’t that sound a bit familiar especially to you minorities? Of all people you guys should understand that more than anyone. Just like saying, a black men just robbed the store that means black people are all thieves. A car crashed and the driver was Asian, Asians can’t drive. Oh, the terrorists were Muslim; I guess all Muslims must be terrorists.

And now a police officer shoots an unarmed black kid, well [beep] fuck the police, look I’m not defending those police officers who actually deserve to get exposed.

I’m just defending police officers as a whole in the same way that I would defend black people as a whole or Asians or Muslims. I’ve met very nice friendly officers before. Granted, I’ve probably met more officers that were assholes to me, but I can’t even blame them for being assholes, because of how we treat them.

Think about it, police officers have to deal with assholes every single day. And if you had to deal with an asshole day after, day after, day after day, eventually you become an asshole as well.

Look, I get it. Police are the ones have to do the dirty work, they arrest you, they give you speeding tickets.

Nobody wants to see a police officer, because it usually means something bad. I made a very similar video about this a long time ago and it was actually titled F the police, because of how frequently used that saying is, but what the video is actually about is, how we actually do need police in this world. We are better off without them.

A world without police would be chaos, if you don’t get that, I’ll explain to you in the most simple way possible, just off the top of my head.

Look, if we lived in a world without police, there would be no one there to enforce the rules. Therefore, there would be no rules, and if there’s no rules there would be more thefts, murders, rapes, we would become primitive.

Primitive like the Stone Age where there was no order, and if there’s no order there would be no schools, no school means that everyone would be dumb, and if everybody was dumb, you wouldn’t have had the greatest inventions and discoveries like electricity, without electricity, we wouldn’t have TVs or iPhones or Laptops. And if we don’t have those, we won’t be able to watch Netflix anymore. No Netflix means, there’s also no chill, no Netflix and chill, people won’t be able to reproduce any more.

And without kids, people with the last name Kardashian or Jenner will no longer have fans. Is that the kind of world you really want to live in? A world where people with a last name Kardashian or Jenner aren’t famous?!


I’m sorry. See, that was just an example of discrimination just because your last name is Kardashian or Jenner doesn’t mean you deserve to be the butt of a joke, now if your last name was Trump on the other hand.

Anyway, overall all I’m trying to say is we all know that there’s racist discriminative cops out there, we’ve all seen the videos. But don’t judge and hate an entire group of people based on a few bad ones. Even if you saw a hundred videos of cops being racists or even a thousand even ten thousand, that’s not even 1% of the entire police force in the U.S. And yet, we’re basing our entire judgment based on that less than 1%? That’s the definition of discrimination. I spit all over the camera. I know this whole video sounds like I love policeman, I’m so pro-policeman, but I’m not, I’m just pro-people. I just think it’s ridiculous that the same group of people who are complaining about racial discrimination, they are discriminating against another group of people.

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And I already know some of you’re going to be like, well, you only feel this way because you don’t know what it’s like to be black. You’re right, I don’t know what it’s like to be black, but you don’t know what it’s like to be Asian or Mexican or Muslim or even a policeman unless of course you’re a black Asian Mexican Muslim who happens to be a policeman. God, that would be a tough life or uh that would be a tough life.

See, I don’t judge. With that being said cue the emotional music. The moral of the story is, whether you’re black, Asian, Muslim, a stripper or a policeman or even if you have the last name Trump, we can all agree on one thing. Just because you see a bunch of black people looting on the news, it doesn’t mean all black people steal. It just because your local China town has the most car accidents in your city, it doesn’t mean Asians can’t drive. Just because the Paris attackers were Muslim and strippers get caught for prostitution and policeman should unarm black kids, it doesn’t mean that they’re all racists, terrorists, prostitutes.

And if you’re one of those people that really do believe in these things that all black people are thieves or all Muslims are terrorists or all policemen are racist, you are just as guilty because the one thing that every single one of those groups black people, Asians, Muslim, Hispanics whatever, we’re all a part of one larger group that you are a part of as well. That’s human beings. And by your logic, every single human being including yourself is a racist, terrorist, prostitute, thief who can’t drive. And guess what? Your last name is Trump.


Nigahiga A World Without Police

Nigahiga A World Without Police

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