Nicole Arbour Dear Fat People


Nicole Arbour Dear Fat People

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Nicole Arbour

Nicole Arbour

[Nicole Arbour Dear Fat People]

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Got my Kesha hair today. Do you know if this is hairspray or semen? Dear fat people. Aaahhh, some people are already really mad at this video! What are you going to do, fat people? What are you going to do? You are going to chase me? Really, you are going to chase me? It’s going to be like fucking Frankenstein.

I can get away from you by walking at a reasonable pace.

Frankenstein, not so fast, zombies have apparently gotten faster. I watched like three episodes of The Walking Dead and not being slow myself in the brain, realized that every single episode is exactly the same.

Oh no, we need something. But it’s all the way over there. Where the zombies are?

Fat-shaming is not a thing. Fat people made that up. That’s the race card, with no race. Yeah, but I couldn’t fit into a store, that’s discrimination.

‘Uh… no. That means you are too fat, and you should stop eating.’

Everybody just needs to make more sense.

There is a race card, there is a disability card. There’s even a gay card, because gay people are discriminated against, wrongfully so. The gay card’s covered in glitter! It’s fucking magical!

Are you going to tell the doctor that they are being mean, and fat shaming you when they say you have fucking heart disease? [More sense!~].

I’m not talking about people who have a little bit of cushion for the pushing. And if there’s people watching with a specific health condition, this is not aimed at you.

I’m talking about the 35% of North Americans who are obese. That means you are so fat, you are affecting your own health. Big-boned isn’t a thing. How stupid do I look? Don’t answer that.

There are no fucking skeletons that look like the Michelin Man. Fat shaming. Who came up with that? That’s fucking brilliant. Yes. Shame people who have bad habits until they fucking stop. Fat shaming. If we offend you so much that you lose weight, lose, lose weight, I’m okay with that. You, are killing yourself. Yeah, I’ll sleep at night.

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Maybe I am a little jealous that you get to eat whatever you want.

Obesity is a disease?

Yeah so is being a shopaholic, but I don’t get a fucking parking pass.

It would make a lot of sense if I did. I am the one with all of the bags.

Fat people parking spots should be at the back of the mall parking lot. Walk to the doors and burn some calories. Why are we helping them? Want to die quicker, come this way, its assisted suicide.

Isn’t it ironic that it’s taking a blonde girl to explain [shit], its irony right?

I don’t feel bad for you because you are taking your body for granted. If it were like a bag of Smarties, you know like, you know what, fuck this Smartie. You’re a Smartie, fuck you. I’m going to fucking mash you up. I’m going to make you not good. I’m going to throw you on the ground. That’s okay, because you got a bunch of other smarties. You got one body, one. It has to take you all the way to the end. You get that, good. Fuck you Smartie. Oh my God, the hashtags, body positive.

If you want to be positive to your body, workout and eat well. That’s being positive to your body. You really think if enough of you hash tag something bad for you, it makes it okay? #methlove, #teamsmokers.

Everybody use the hash tag, it will unplug our arteries!

They forgot to tell you that ‘Plus Size’ stands for plus heart disease, plus knee problems, plus diabetes. Plus your family and friends crying if they lost you too soon because you needed to have a Coke, plus fries, yeah…. plus size, plus size.

I went to airport not too long ago and I had to wait in one of those lines it’s like [motions: long line with finger]. As I get to the front of the line, [motions: long line with finger] a family comes to the front and gets to bug me. Fattest, most obese, I’m talking TLC-special fat. You’re a #methshamer.

They got to go to the front of the line, because they were complaining that their knees were too much to stand in it.

Oh, I just came an hour earlier like I was supposed to, but you just overeat let me help you. And they complained, and they smelled like sausages, and I don’t even think they ate sausages, that’s just their aroma. They were so fat that they’re that ‘standing sweat’ fat. Crisco was coming out of their pores like a fuckin’ Play-Doh Fun Factory. [mimics: *fart sounds*]

So I wait an extra 10, 15, 20 minutes. Now, I’m not going to have time to get Starbucks. I’m a white girl. This is an issue. [*Eeeeh*] And I totally got felt up by security, because I’m always selected – brown people, its me and you on that.

Dear Fat People

Dear Fat People

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I’m a blonde who can speak in full sentences and has no interest in a sugar daddy. I’m a minority. You already searched my ass, sir. Oh…

Now I’m running to my plane. Just as I stop to wipe my sweat, who do I see in a fucking golf cart? Fat family. [mimics: *pig grunt*] So what, you got to bug me, and ride in a golf cart and I’m sweating like a pig, but if play an ugly girl in a movie, I get a fucking Oscar, yeah, yeah, yeah.

There’s a formula to it guys.

Now I go in the plane. I find my lovely seat. I’m sitting in the isle. And then a stewardess walks up to me, “hi ma’am, I hate to ask but we got a disabled passenger, would you mind switching seats?”

Well, of course, because I’m not an asshole and like oh my God, of course, yes.

Oh look, its fat family. And ‘Jabba the son’, sits right beside me. [mimics: *a grunt*] I just lost my shit. His fat was on my lap. It was actually on my lap. It’s took the handle, I squished it down and I said, ‘my seat, your seat’. [mimics: *a grunt*] I actually took his fat, and I pushed it into his seat. And I held it, he was fine. He was just fat, watching the movie, no, no, no, make – make better choices.

Yes, genetic plays important things to a degree of, course. Big sassy black women in church dresses are my favorite thing in the world, but I’m really fucking selfish and I want to keep you around. I have no idea of the correlation between high notes and calorie intake, but I’m not going to question it. [mimics: *singing ‘Ahhhh….’*]

And I’m not saying all this to be an asshole. I’m saying this because your friends should be saying it to you. Think of me as one of your “ride or dies”.

If you are dating a douche-bag, and you come to me – I’ll like – ‘My friend is dating a douche-bag’

That’s cause’ you are dating a douche-bag. But what do I do? Get rid of the douche. [mimics: *singing ‘Ahhhh….’*]

True fact, they used to use vinegar as douches. And a lady bits just reacted like a turtle’s head being touched.

The truth fact is I will actually love you, no matter what, but I really, really hope this bomb of truth, exploding into your face will act as shrapnel that seeps into your soul, makes you want to be healthier, so that we can enjoy you as human beings longer on this planet. [mimics: *singing ‘Ahhhh….’*] Fuck you Smartie, #teamsmokers.

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Thanks for watching everybody. My name is Nicole Arbour, hey. If you like this video, give it a thumps up, yeah, subscribe right there. Ooooo… My other social links are right below. I have a feeling the comment section on this video is going to be pretty funny. Feel free to use it. Thanks again for watching and until time, #goteam. You don’t want no beef boy.

Nicole Arbour Dear Fat People

Nicole Arbour Dear Fat People

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