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Ng Black Positive Mind

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[Ng Black Positive Mind]

U know!! (U know)
Some time i stay and talking to my self
and i asking the reason why i gotta give up
Or losing my self-control, if everything depends of me: I gon never let it happen. huh!!

Some time i feel like lost what is mine
Positive vibe never get out on my mind
Even if i lose control i gonna stay up
That make me strong and feel like i was a God
The real world gonna understand about me
Where i from they told me that they trust on me
This why i keep it up like a real G
I had a chance to be blessed everywhere i been
The same thing gonna be happen where i go
Tell my story to the next generation NG BLACK
I’m strong lyrically and got some fire on flow
In this music life everyday i stay on my grind
No matter difficult times i gonna never give up
Hip hop broken my heart and love it
I make a confession is my life is my passion
I’m on it better don’t ask lot of questions

I know!!
Where i go !!!!!!
And where i from !!!
I trust my self
This why I will never change
What I do or who i m !!!

All my peoples pay attention and feel this
Tell the worldwide that i got this rap game
I keep the flag of victory no matter what
Now a day lot of talents miss the self-trust
The song right here it mean just trust ya self!
U will become who u want if u working hard
With a great promise u will see the light
This why u hear it i do it huge right now
And my real fans gonna give some feedback
U can hate me but thanks the way u like what i do
This right because there is my purpose
My next project gonna stack in ya like a loco
Even if the door doesn’t open in what u do
Just go head and try to build one your self
And keep doing some right thing everyday
Real talk is my business i do it now

I know!!
Where I go!!!!!!
And where I from !!!
I trust my self
This why I will never change
What I do or who I’m

I know!! Where I go!!!!!!
And where I from !!!
I trust my self
This why I will never change
What I do or who I’m


What’s up bro’s this is some real hip hop nigga
Real hip hop I got my man NG BLACK, right here
This nigga he is a real
My nigga never change you a real one nigga
Real talk

To this generation and the next all of you
Need to know that the successes key to your dreams
And goals it based to you-self, I mean believe and
Trust in you self and keep walking in the right way
With a positive mind, and don’t forget to be [patient] Because every good thing comes to those
Who wait.

(Ng Black)
Stay blessed peace and love to the worldwide.

Copyright (C) 2015 ng black.

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Ng Black Positive Mind

Ng Black Positive Mind

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