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Ng Black Next Level

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[Ng Black Next Level]


Y’all wasup it ya boy ng black bby I told ya
I promesse that I will be back ! Hoooooo!!!!
I brand the next level for my peoples hahaha
if u not ready::: u gonna never be ready !!!
hahaha cheeer !! let’s get it

Hip hop rap game niga i told u i work it
this shit it’s the next if u ready let’s get it
The way u didnt exepeted but u got respect it
Ng Black in the buildin nigga i say wasup !!

Who wanna know who i m !! i m a hustler
I m gangsta i m a warrior i m a soldier
I m black i m furious i m the eagle i m the vision
I m a certified killer
Straight out the ass hoes i mean real bullshit
Hip hop was lost lot of fack rappers around
Now i just back around with the old school beat
But drop a new flow
Nigga take a munite listen tell me how u fugure it out
Couple days was to long my lyrics was done
Uncredible skillz madfuck turn up
I m undercover rapper i got incendi package
Heavy on high way u realy know i m dangerous
I see my nigga roll up ! smoke up ! spit shit
Truth rappers unvisible i kill them phisical
I’nt play in it i seawer it i m bad in it
I pop them!! Anyone §§ Everywhere§ everyday
Homie that i told i will be back !!

I go hard, hard hard !! hard on my next level
I go hard, hard hard !! hard on my next level

A.K.A 47 it the name I call this right shit
Ng black on G thing nigga feel my streest shit
If u sleep u cant see!! the way i do its fast skillz
I can drope six flow !! if u want it here we go
Watch me in u tv show !! play me in ya radio !!
I live my life on the studio !! check me in the video !!
My beats maker wasup where u at man !!

[You’re listing to DJ Lino]


BANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I go hard, hard hard !! hard on my next level
U know i go i go hard hard !!!!
I go hard, hard hard !! hard on my next level
U know i go i go hard hard !!!!!

Left side and right side hustler’s and gangstaz listen
Ng black in ya aria real hip hop is right back
I work it with a strategie all times i grind
Whenever u get a chance ask em to do the same

I go hard on this one like it was my last shit
Don’t come to test me action got reaction
Let maduck know that i m ready for the violance
I keep doin my thing i don’t agree for the chalenge
I put my work first about to show my talent
Homie if u like my style just bless me in the silence
One thing is real i kill next competition
Flow cash lyrics i mean everything around me
Nigga think we the same u so fucking a crazy

If hip hop was a religion this shit from my bible
After check it out nigga u better say that amen
this is just the intro wait the first chapter
My style is some thing what u never heard before

U must be a snitch i swear it it gonna touch u
Fantasy moment when i talk with bad bitch’s
I flow back on IG !! if u got big booty !!
Who asked my number i m numero uno !!
Emily dady u know !! i got dj Lino !!
First round rap battle i put nigga K O
I m like no one nigga but i m like my self
if i was some thing!! i swear it i m like the fire
U don’t need to take easy cuz my shit it never be easy !
Listen positive mind after underground legends
Heart of lion was crazy i got lost generation don’t forget rappers murder
Now a day the next level i keep my feet on the rap game
Call me the hit man NG to BLACK madfuck I m the furious
Bi flow BCM what’s up MT! Bang !!! bang !!!

I go hard , hard hard !! hard on my next level
U know i go i go hard hard !!!!
I go hard , hard hard !! hard on my next level
U know i go i go hard hard !!!!!

Yup wesh poto !
Ce ne pas la meme ecole !
Ce ne pas le meme deliré , tu vois ce que je veux dire ou pas hahaha ng black hey AMB black tell all this maduck that I m back
baby fa sho
This is Paris my nigga !
Yeaaa!!! Ha ha …

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Ng Black Next Level

Ng Black Next Level

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