Nerdwriter1 Why Donald Trump Is A Gift To Democracy


Nerdwriter1 Why Donald Trump Is A Gift To Democracy

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[Nerdwriter1 Why Donald Trump Is A Gift To Democracy]

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It’s probably no surprise that Donald Trump has been the subject of over 2,100 CNN [SOURCE: ZIGNAL LABS] reports since he announced his candidacy for president on June 16th. Okay, May be 2,100 is a little bit surprising. But the basic calculus is something I think everyone cynically understands. Trump gets ratings, the news carries Trump. A little less up is that Trump’s high poll numbers are actually a result of his out sized coverage in the media. [SOURCE: JOHN SIDES CRIMSON HEXAGON] Political Science Professor John Sides has produced a number of handigraphs that show the correlation between Trump’s share of coverage versus his poll numbers and it’s pretty conclusive.

Nerdwriter1 Why Donald Trump Is A Gift To Democracy

Nerdwriter1 Why Donald Trump Is A Gift To Democracy

What’s more if you graph all the GOP candidates polling numbers verse their share of coverage. You get a correlation of 0.96 close to a straight line as I’ve ever seen.

Why Donald Trump Is A Gift To Democracy

Trump Coverage Boosts Trump Polls

Trump Coverage Boosts Trump Polls

Trump Polls Boost Trump Coverage

Trump Polls Boost Trump Coverage

Of course, you could say causation moves the other way here that whole numbers drive coverage. And in some way they do only news coverage usually comes first.

People hear a lot about a candidate, research that candidate identify in the same way that you do when you hear a pop song on the radio over and over and over again.

[THE WEEKND – Can’t Feel My Face]

I can’t feel my face when I’m with you.

And that exposure ultimately means they’re more likely to give that name to pollsters. The news then reports more on the top candidates, which means even more coverage, which means even higher polling. And it becomes a cycle that perpetuates itself, until the top dog makes a mistake.

[Rick Perry:] Source:
I will tell you, it is three agencies of government when I get there that are gone. Commerce, Education, and the uh… What’s the third one there? Let’s see.

Or a new fresh face steals some attention away.

[Carly Fiorina:]
I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said.

Trump says his remark about Fiorina’s face was referring to her persona; what does she think of his persona?

The problem is that Trump’s mistakes are often so inflammatory and news making that they work to his advantage. And new fresh faces are the ones that Trump attacks the hardest.

[Donald Trump:]
If you listen to her for more than five minutes straight, you get a headache.

2,100 news stories later and here we are. We know why the news works like this, less ratings, mean less ad revenue, means less profit, means lower stock prices, means fewer investors, means layoffs.

[Donald Trump:]
You’re fired.

In America indeed in the global economy everything always has to grow. The news especially cable news has a vague interest in keeping its dependence on capitalist’s incentives under wraps. Even though everyone knows that ratings to a large part determine the news. News organizations have to tout their journalistic integrity even if it’s only a formality. And this might just be the gift that Donald Trump is giving to all of us. More than anything I can remember the Trump phenomenon strips away the false righteousness of the news media. When Trump does something outrageous, CNN doesn’t cover it by choice, but because they are forced to do so.

The Trump phenomenon strips away the false righteousness of politicians too. Trump has co-opted political language and employed it to such a ridiculous and shameless degree that it’s emptiness is laid totally bare. And lastly Trump strips away the false righteousness of us, the American public. The second, GOP debate was the highest rated program in the history of CNN. CNN is forced to cover Trump, because we force them to.

[Megyn Kelly:]
Why when we put on, you know something with Jeb Bush talking about the economy or Scott Walker talking about labor unions, why doesn’t anybody watch that?

It’s in our nature to gravitate toward confirmation bias and sensationalism. It takes a force of will to consume media that may be boring but crucial for making intelligent political choices. And in large part it’s a mental muscle that most of us myself often included don’t want to exercise. Donald Trump exists at the nexus of all these things. And his invocation of all three is, I think an important lesson. The news media, politicians and the general public are all responsible for the existence of Donald Trump.

And no one of these things is going to change drastically overnight. But if all of them move just a little bit in the right direction toward integrity, honesty and engagement, respectively, the difference could be substantial.

We know that the news media is biased and politicians talk bullshit. And the news and the politicians know, we know it, still they go through the formalities. It is exactly formalities like this, that can keep a system alive longer than it needs to be. So maybe we need someone like Donald Trump to pull down that last layer of credibility.

[Jimmy Fallon:]
How you are going to create jobs in this country.

[Donald Trump:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
I’m just going to do it.

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