Neighbors With Scooters


Neighbors With Scooters

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[Neighbors With Scooters]


Calm down and relax.
Calm down.
Shut the motor off for a few…
God damn it! Get the fuck. God damn it out of my fucking way. Go, get the fuck out of my way!
Calm down.
Fucking asshole! GET OUT!
Calm down.
You move your scooter.
Calm down.
GET OUT! Move!

Help. That’s it.
God damn it.
That’s it.
AHHH AHHH My scooter. My fucking scooter, you bitch, you cunt. Don’t you dare, you broke my fucking phone, you cunt. I’m calling the police you’re going to jail.

Neighbors With Scooters

Neighbors With Scooters

Neighbors With Scooters. Calm down and relax. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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