Neature Walk – Episode 1


Neature Walk – Episode 1

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[Neature Walk – Episode 1]

For me, nature is one of the neatest things on this planet. That is why Rodney and I started Neature Walk. Because we want everyone to know just how neat nature is instead of just me and Rodney knowing it.

How neat is that? That’s pretty neat.

Without a doubt, coming out into nature is one of the neatest things there is to do, but you also have to be careful. That’s why I always try to pack the heat – try to pack a gun. Just a little bit – pack some heat. Now this isn’t too – this isn’t much of a big boy, I don’t want to kill the animal, but I do want to warn it, and say hey, “I think you’re pretty neat, but I respect your distance”. There’s bears out here, there’s mountain cougars, and biting goats.

How neat is that? That’s pretty neat.

Oh, wow. Score! Ha…. Look at this! This is an aspen. You can tell that it’s aspen tree because the way it is. Wow.

Wow. What a beaut. [beauty].

You know what would be a good capper to a great day would be seeing a wild animal, I just get real excited to have the opportunity to maybe see an antelope or fox or you know, some sort of mountain beast. So what I do sometimes is I try to shake up – shake things up a little bit. Get the earth moving and call out to them, you know, “here we go”.

(ph) “Pup-up-up, hoo, hoop, tip-tip, come on”.

Here lady.

Come on, goat.

Nothing, gee dang it – can’t see nothing coming out. Coming out right now, but I’m not giving up yet.

Not too often do you get all this neatness in one location, that’s called Neature.

Neature Walk - Episode 1

Neature Walk – Episode 1

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