MyLifeAsEva Roast Myself Diss Track


MyLifeAsEva Roast Myself Diss Track

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[MyLifeAsEva Roast Myself Diss Track]





Eva Gutowski Records 2016

Yeah ah ha

Snizzle squad let’s go


I be on that “10 year old” body


Being naked must be my best hobby


Remember when you passed up everybody


Now you on the last year topic

I am proud boo your song was a hit to a 10 year old girl who don’t know ***asdfghjkl; *** but I know music and that is not it.

Go back to crafting or just full out quit cat years? Who you tryna be?

Swimsuits, always at the beach camera always at your reach

But I don’t see a video, three weeks past now where’d you go.

Upload weekly? Now you don’t.

Keep that up, subscribe I won’t, break my back to have a butt, but it don’t work.

You look like a white girl who can’t twerk

But wait aren’t you like ….like mixed?

With Puerto Rican too? Damn that is sad.

You say you’re a savage but you pull game is weak.

Your dusty ass edges are never on fleek.

You boyfriend looks like a girl who don’t eat.

With his long blonde hair and his tiny physique.

Two surfboards, I’ve never seen you use em.

Small butt, no boobs you overuse em.

Boys each week then you always lose em.

Fans so lost you love to confuse them.

Yup shall I give a list? Even tried for weekly chris

You look like a swampy rat that crawled up out of the abyss.

Get back to you channel and switch it around.

I’m tired of routines, using the same old sound.

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What is up guys its Eva and I currently look a doodle bob in case you’re wondering what my airport look is, this is it yup, I have no make up on, don’t judge me. If you do judge me I won’t care. So don’t waste your time. I’m perfect just the way I am. Thank you very much.

So I hope you guys enjoyed that roast myself challenge that was literally so fun to make.

I could make like 30 roast myself challenges. I’m just like, I am just having so much fun with this. Thank you to Niki and Gabi for tagging me, they’re currently on tour and it’s going amazing and I hope that they’re having so much fun.

Also don’t take this video seriously at all I was going to say too seriously but like just don’t take it seriously at all.

It’s just a joke. I’m not offended by anything in the video. I’m not like – it’s fine.

I think it’s really important to be able to laugh at yourself and I definitely have grown up being able to laugh at myself and I hope this video shows you that no matter how much hate you get, no matter how different you are from other people, no matter how many people disagree with you, it is okay to laugh and be humiliated by your own self, and then wake up the next day feeling brighter than ever.

Seriously this is all just for fun. Don’t let anything tear you down because it certainly doesn’t tear me down, and I deal with it every day and I’m just – just be happy – you’re beautiful.

Okay so I tag all of you guys, do the roast myself challenge. If you guys so feel so fit to do it and tweet me if you do it because I’d be pretty cool.

I also tell tagged Meredith to do this I tag Alisha [Marie] to do this and Mia [Stammer] and just The Squad in general.

I tag everybody who else do I tag Shane Dawson, I tag you guys to go and do the roast myself challenge go and have fun with it. Tweet at them to say that I roasted, – I — you know what to do just just you know what to do to tweet them.

Be sure you follow my Snapchat if you guys don’t follow me on Snapchat literally what are you doing. Everyone is getting more views on Snapchat than I am and then I feel really self-conscious because people like Eva how many views on Snapchat do you get, and then I tell them then they have a lot more than me and that’s really kind of, really really embarrassing.

So if you can go follow me on Snapchat so that I will look cool next to my my friends RCLBeauty [RCLBeauty101], she has so many followers.

Also be sure to follow my Instagram and my twitter, I’ll have everything linked down below I’m currently going on an epic trip so hopefully you guys can follow me on those things to see what I am up to, and other than that I love you guys so much.

Thank you for supporting me and making me feel amazing every day.

And I love you and I’ll see you guys pretty soon. Bye ~


MyLifeAsEva Roast Myself Diss Track

MyLifeAsEva Roast Myself Diss Track

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