My Sister Has ADHD Lucy Moon


My Sister Has ADHD Lucy Moon

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[My Sister Has ADHD Lucy Moon]

my sister has adhd

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When people hear the term ADHD, they expect to be confronted by a disruptive child who has no emotional awareness about this. I’d say that this is more of a stereotype.

It’s more like you’re in a corridor, most people get an empty one, they can think in straight lines. But when you have ADHD it’s like a corridor is full of stuff, objects you have to look at, obstacles that slow you down when getting from one end to the other.

Medication clears but also shrinks the corridor. It means that you can walk faster but you’re metered. To a certain extent the creativity has gone.

You can no longer have the freedom to think outside your straight line.

The pills also have side effects, more than just the ones you read on the side of the packet.

I started taking medication when I was seven. I tried a whole bunch of pills, various dosages.

When I wasn’t taking on constantly, the same amount every day, I’d get shaking attacks. I’d feel dizzy, and I’d have to lie down. It’s like there’s a lot of stuff going on around you and you can see it and feel it, but you’re detached.

My mind felt like a time bomb. I couldn’t control it. Stuck in a bubble and I just had to wait for it to burst. Two months ago, I stopped taking my pills.

I want to make a video where I just talk about something that’s on my mind completely unscripted, because I haven’t done that in a long time and I think its good practice. Recently, I’ve been feeling incredibly confident and empowered in my body.

My Sister Has ADHD Lucy Moon

My Sister Has ADHD Lucy Moon

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