Mr. Locksmith Open Sentry Safe In Less Than 5 Seconds


Mr. Locksmith Open Sentry Safe In Less Than 5 Seconds

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[Mr. Locksmith Open Sentry Safe In Less Than 5 Seconds]

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So anything you buy in Home Depot or anything, any safe in Walmart, Costco – Walmart, Costco, Staples, Canadian Tire, it’s all crap.

We can open them in less than ten seconds some of it.

This is what I’m showing you right now is what we did on Ross McLaughlin CTV On Your Side.

We actually went to Staples we filmed us. Buying the safe we picked up we did it. And you’ll see how quick we did it. My YouTube channel is Mr. Locksmith on You Tube.

In 2015, we had two million plus minutes viewed on my channel. That’s my public videos. Not my training videos – my public stuff. And that – with that 34,000 hours watched on my YouTube channel. And I sell training videos all over the world on how to open things. This one I put up because they said that The Second Cup told me I was full of it. We actually brought in two friends from the states who were heavily involved in training Government people how to open stuff. They came up here saw it and then the 30 million dollar lawsuits sort of disappeared really quick.

I’ve been threatened twice now with some nice big lawsuits. As we have lawsuit parties now. When somebody is going to threaten me. Because it’s kind of fun, especially if you’re right. If you’re wrong that’s a little different story. That’s why we replicate it everything we do.

So I picked this up today at Staples, $250 it’s a safe. They say right on it SentrySafe, fire safe, biggest safe manufacturer in North America. This is their brand new version. We opened it – we’ve been opening them for the last – they changed a piece to a super cheap piece. And I couldn’t believe when I looked at it – I thought, this is garbage. And we opened it shocked everybody. So this is – I put in the batteries so 6-8-9-2-7.

And it – you know, it all works solid. You know, its a safe. It’s not too heavy and you bolt it down if you want to. So it’s locked, there’s different methods, what we call methods of attack. It’s actually based on the CIA was defense against methods of entry. And it really wasn’t defense against it was how to open anything and everything. And my grandad did this. You know 50 years ago this is a rare earth magnet. It’s very, very, very, very dangerous. It can really hurt you badly. And you got to have – make sure you have no, it will wreck your phone in half a second.

We put it in a sock. Because there’s a reason for it so what it is.

This will open up different types of magnets will open up most hotel rooms, most inexpensive safes and most apartment buildings. You know, there’s very little security.

We sell stuff our job is to secure our customers. So we don’t sell the garbage. We sell good quality stuff.

This deadbolt which is on my house, Mike has it on his house, we have them there.

There’s – I teach police forces how to open stuff. We can’t teach them how to open this because there’s no known non-destructive method of entry on that. Other stuff we have a free for all and everything. This safe stuff – we shouldn’t get into that.

But it’s different. Yes it’s commercial grade. There will be signs of entry on the banks know they’re smart they have UL listed commercial grade tested. This stuff is a safe. So it’s locked. You all saw it locked.

There’s a flaw in the system. It has a nickel piece from China. Not that everything from China is bad.

[Woman:] I hope not.

I put it on there… oh watch it’s not going to open. There we go. We did it on TV 1.63 seconds. And then Ross McLaughlin opened in 3 seconds. And we put the sock on it so we can pull it off. If I put this on a hunk of metal, you want to lock it again.

[Woman:] So these things.

This is the bolts. They lock into here.

[Woman:] …okay. And then when you put that in there – it pushes all of those things away.



And knocking the hinges off, it won’t work because there’s a secondary hinge on the inside. Oh, this doesn’t have that. [laughs] It’s worse than I thought. That’s even worse.

[Woman:] I thought it would be really strong with four of these bolts here.


[Woman:] And yet, one little thing will trigger them back.

Yeah, there is – they took a nickel solenoid which once they applied electricity to it, you know, it sort of magnetizes the solenoid and causes to close and think of how much out there. It works on that principle.

[Man:] That’s why you have your…

So we know where the solenoid is… well we think we do, if we have to drill it we drill a quarter inch hole in this.

[Woman:] There you go.

There we go. This will open up.

It allows you to do that.

Every single SentrySafe, electronic safe on the market can be opened.

The old way they did it. They replace the piece because what we used was bounce it. And it would open. Now they fixed it made it easier for us to open with a magnet.

[Mr. Locksmith:] Source:
I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Subscribe to my channel. Also visit my website. And you can see what online Locksmith training I have for beginners, intermediate and advanced as well as my covert methods of entry and my non-destructive methods of entry.

Mr. Locksmith Open Sentry Safe In Less Than 5 Seconds

Mr. Locksmith Open Sentry Safe In Less Than 5 Seconds

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