Morn1415 Black Hole Comparison


Morn1415 Black Hole Comparison

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[Morn1415 Black Hole Comparison]

When Einstein developed his relativity theory, he saw his equations also contained something very strange.

It would be able to stop time, possess infinite gravity and possibly destroy space itself.

He refused to believe it could exist in reality, there had to be some mechanism to prevent it from occurring.

But there is not. Reality is stranger than fiction. We found them. And there are many.

Any matter could become a Black Hole
If you would crush it beyond it’s “Schwarzschild Radius”

You would have to crush the sun to the size of a small town

Or crush the earth to the size of a peanut

XTE J1650-500
Size of Manhattan
New York

Contains the mass of 3-4 suns

One of the smallest, but already a destroyer of worlds.

M82 X-1
Contains the mass of 1000 suns
Mid-Range Black Hole!

Central black hole of Phoenix Cluster
Size of our solar system!
Contains the mass of 20 billion suns!
(Holy crap value = 100)
One of many super massive black holes

Now we know the universe is full of black holes, they play an important role in the formation of galaxies.

Most of them have one at it’s center.

Our sun
Sagittarius A

Our own galaxy has a 4 million solar mass black hole at its center.

Without black holes, we wouldn’t even be here.


Morn1415 Black Hole Comparison

Morn1415 Black Hole Comparison


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