Mirko Cro Cop – Fight Night Krakow: Croatian Comeback


Mirko Cro Cop – Fight Night Krakow: Croatian Comeback

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[Mirko Cro Cop – Fight Night Krakow: Croatian Comeback]


[Mirko Filipovic:] Source: LYBIO.net
I’m a fighter you know, and I still have a fire in myself, I feel good, I’m happy, that I’m back in UFC again. And my body is in great shape, I can do the things that 99.9 people of 25, they can just dream about it.

There’s another left kick, those kicks are just as dangerous as any in the sport.

[Mirko Filipovic:]
I’m throwing that kick. My high kick has the same speed, same strength like it was before. One, and you are out, just one, just one touch. We are measuring everything you know it’s takes a lot energy, lot of enthusiasm and lot of hard work. Sweat and blood, that’s the key. Training like crazy with huge motivation and everything is going well on the training and I brought the first class sparring partner, Stipe Miocic is helping me in sparring some of them, who is one of the best UFC heavyweights.

[Stipe Miocic (#4 UFC Heavyweight Contender:]
I mean, Cro Cop, man he’s back. He’s really good at every – if it’s on the ground – if it’s free – I think where ever he wants to take, it would be fine.

[Mirko Filipovic:]
That’s the difference between our first fight and now. I want it. I want this fight really.

[Mirko Filipovic:]
This is definitely is going to be one of the most important fights in my life. I was studying all his fights after me. I just want to beat him. This will just be a sport competition and I believe I’m a better fighter, but I got to prove it. Why would I be under pressure? Not at all. He should be under pressure, that’s pressure is on him. I know what the Gonzaga is doing, right cross, he will try to do some kicking, he will try to take me down, if he can and, I know exactly what he is going to do in this phase of career.

[Mirko Filipovic:]
I know how to kick, I know how to punch, I know everything, about strategy, the key is stamina and condition. If I get tired in the first round I’m done, if Gonzaga gets tired, he is finished. So I am doing everything to be as ready as possible, you know. My condition is to be perfect.

[Mirko Filipovic:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
This will be a tough fight. But I’m really relaxed, not because I had the rest, I mean, Gonzaga, not at all I’m just relaxed because this is what I wanted, you know, this is what I want and this is what I get. That’s my life, I dedicated my life to the fighting business and I’m prepared, I’m ready, and I will do my best. It was my decision, I want to fight and I feel good, you know. I feel good. And I will beat him this time. I will beat him this time.





Mirko Cro Cop - Fight Night Krakow: Croatian Comeback

Mirko Cro Cop – Fight Night Krakow: Croatian Comeback

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