Miranda Sings I’m Pregnant


Miranda Sings I’m Pregnant

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[Miranda Sings I’m Pregnant]

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Miranda Sings: Hey, guys, this is new Miranda. So as you can tell by the title of this video, I have some very, very exciting news.

Before you all get rude and say ‘oh, Miranda but you’re not even married.’ No, you perverts, I’m not doing the nasty. But just like Virgin Mary, God has blessed me with a gift.

In my tummy, in my brain, in my mind, in my body. I have a baby.

I’ve been nurturing this baby, taking care of this baby, loving this baby, doing everything for this baby. And this baby is, my very own TV show on Netflix.


Netflix and me presents Haters Back Off!

This gonna to be so good…

I thought I would do some charity work this year, and that’s why I wanted to help out Netflix, you know, it’s this little website and I thought I could really help them out, get their feet off the ground, you know, as they’re starting to launch this new website, and I’m pretty much pregnant because pregnant people get sick, they get stressed, they get constipated, sometimes they pee their panties, all those things from stress of having a baby.

And I’ve been stressed and having the same symptoms of the pooping, the peeing in the panties, just from the stress of this Neflix show.

The Netflix is really ticking me off!

[Miranda Sings:] Source: LYBIO.net
So they said I could do my TV show ‘I said, okay, fine I’d love to help you out.’ And so then they went and hired writers. They hired a whole team and producers, set designers, casting directors, costume designers, all these people… and now there is hundreds of people and it’s taking them months to make it, to film it and do all these types of things, and I’m like: ‘Hello, I can do all that really easy.’

So it’s been really stressful for me.

And I don’t why they’re doing it, because they’re just a little website, and I’m a professional.

“Oh, we’ve been doing this for years, we know what we’re doing.” – Netflix

So the only thing about this pretty much, is that my uncle is really excited and he says, ‘oh, now we can have ‘Netflix N Chill’ and watch your show together so that would be pretty fun.

[Miranda Sings:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
So I just wanted to let you guys know about my charity work this year, then helping out Netflix by doing this TV show and also about my pregnancy which is the TV show, um… because I’ve been feeling really nauseous, a little bit after I eat too much so… its basically the same as pregnancy.

So anyways, I hope you guys like the show, I hope you watch the show, but from now give this video a like, if you’re excited about my Netflix show and share this video with your friends, I’ll be following people on Twitter and Instagram all day, for sharing this video and telling people the good news about my pregnancy and about my Netflix show. So use the hashtag today, #MirandaSingsOnNetflix

Let’s gets the word, let’s get it trending and/or else I will be really ticked off at you – All right, thanks for watching guys, I gotta go.

Miranda Sings I’m Pregnant

Miranda Sings I’m Pregnant

more info cumming soon!

Netflix is taking 4EVER to make the show.

don’t 4get to tweet #MirandaSingsOnNetflix

ok bye

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