Miniminter My Dry Period


Miniminter My Dry Period

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[Miniminter My Dry Period]

It’s not what you think. My draw – my dry; obviously, how can I do this seriously?

My dry period, okay.

This isn’t about sex, okay.

I mean, yes, it is kind of – I mean, I am wearing these trousers, I mean these are kind of you know instant Women Repellers. My dry period isn’t actually about that.

Every year in around August and early September, there’s like this horrible period where everyone just wants FIFA 17. It has now hit that time. Last week I was in Germany, hence my vlog the German one and the two live streams.

And we are at Gamescom in Germany. Everyone is here, the gang.

I got to play FIFA 17. And FIFA 17, there is you know the gameplay is good, but the main thing I’m excited about is the fact that there are so many different like extra game modes like squad builder stuff et cetera.

That is why I’m excited for because it’s almost perfect for YouTube.

So that means videos aren’t going to become boring, they’re not going to become like the same thing over and over again.

Yes, they will have a similar theme, but they won’t be the same.

But August and early September is a horrible period because no one wants to watch FIFA 16 right now, which leaves me in a bit of a pickle.

Because yes, I can do real live videos, yeah, but going away to Germany, with the book stuff which I’m not going to turn this into a plug, I mean I’m just saying; it’s there if you want it.

So now I have about a month where there is not a lot to do; yes, I will still be doing some real live videos, kind of sort of videos that they are on PewDiePie’s channel, so he’s gone on holiday.

He normally gets videos way ahead in advance so that every day he’s away he has videos that he said it himself.

Quantity over quality.

So I don’t want to be putting out videos every day that are really, really rushed through out this month. When this FIFA you know I can constantly have ideas about that. Real life will still come as well even now, but real life is normally you know, one every two or three days. So that’s kind of what I’m looking to post this month.

And I know, I normally have the whole thing you know I post every day, twice a month in my second channel, once in my main.

I still get tweets every day if I don’t post saying, “Where are your videos, Bitch?”, “Mr. Consistent day?”

So I can’t be [answering] that anymore.

This is basically me just letting you guys know that for the new next month or so I’m still going to be posting, I’ll still be doing two a day on my second channel hopefully. But in terms of my main channel, it’s going to be you know, hopefully one every other day.

I’ve been exhausted as well. Literally before Germany, I was getting my videos done for Germany, so I was just sleeping like four hours a day. But in Germany as I was sleeping four hours a day, so now I am going to basically have this month as my break because I know – I know, a lot of people are going to in the comments going like “Oh! YouTube is not a real job; then how does that get tiring?” Trust me, it does. Run a YouTube channel yourself and then tell me it doesn’t, but run it like I run it, not like Harry runs it.

So yeah, that’s it. I’m sorry I know this is basically a video to tell you I’m not doing videos. Well, I am doing videos, but not more videos.

I know you’re thinking like that’s a bit hypocritical/ironic.

This is purely so you know so that you kind of stop telling me that I have to upload.

There will still be a final part to the very best which I will be live streaming and I do have a few new series.

If you guys do have any ideas you want to see me do, let me know.

I’m going to leave you that for today. I’m sorry again this isn’t – you know – the most entertaining video, but thank you guys for watching. Have a good day and see you.



Miniminter My Dry Period

Miniminter My Dry Period

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