MILO Addresses The UC Berkeley Riots


MILO Addresses The UC Berkeley Riots

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[MILO Addresses The UC Berkeley Riots]

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My name is Milo Yiannopoulos, and I am the Gay Technology Editor of Breitbart News, I was due this evening to speak at UC Berkeley about cultural appropriation. A phenomenon on the progressive social justice left where they sort of like to tell you what kind of costume it’s allowed to wear? Whether it’s racist to wear a kimono for instance if you’re not Japanese.

It’s not a subject, you would imagine would prompt the kind of violent riots that you’re now seeing on every major broadcast network in the United States and it’s not something I expected to happen tonight.

But it turns out that the progressive left, the social justice left, the feminist, Black Lives Matter, “Antifa” left, the hard left which has become so utterly antithetical to free speech in the last few years. Is taken a turn post Trump’s election where they simply will not allow any speaker on campus, even somebody as silly and harmless and gay as me – to have their voice heard.

They won’t allow students to listen to different points of view, they’re absolutely petrified by alternative visions of how the world ought to look and people with arguments and facts and reason that don’t conform to the crazy Social Justice Left vision of the universe.

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So I was evacuated by my security detail and by the police tonight from UC Berkeley. UC Berkeley of course being the home of the Free Speech Movement, it’s both ironic and sad. But this campus, appears to be no where, no friends to free speech anymore. I don’t want to get into, while conspiracy theorizing or pointing fingers but it’s some, it has been noted by a number of people including Tucker Carlson of Fox News that the police presence did not seem to be particularly aggressive this evening.

And that is something that I witnessed and my security detail witnessed too. It was sort of a sit back, let it happen approach. I was evacuated really at the first sign of trouble, trouble did get a lot worse after I did leave. So I think, I’d had to – had to leave anyway. So this event may never have got off the ground. It seems as though the University and police didn’t really want it to happen.

But the fact that on American college campus you know a place of higher education, in place of learning America, which I’ve come to as you know a visitor from the United Kingdom, where we don’t have a First Amendment. Hoping that this would be somewhere where you could be, do and say anything, where you could express your views, express your opinions – you know – crack some jokes make people think, make people laugh, free from violent responses to political ideas.

You know, I thought America was the one place where that would be possible. I am of course not racist or sexist or anything else that the posters that they put up claim that I am they do that, in order to legitimize their own violence against you. But even if I were, even if, well the things that they said about me were true. This still wouldn’t be an appropriate response to ideas.

You see the thing is that the Progressive Left in America, I’ve noticed over the last years being engaged in this project of conflating ideas with action. And the reason they want to do that is, they introduced these words like student safety, they’ll give you a conservative speaking representing a threat to student safety. They do it to blow the lines between ideas and action. Why? To legitimize their own violent responses to somebody else’s political opinions.

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They don’t like what I have to say about feminism, for instance. Or black lives matter or the you know campus wage gap conspiracy, sorry campus rate cause conspiracy or the wage gap or any of the other things that I like to investigate the facts, reason and logic they don’t like responses to that.

So they claim that I am a threat to student safety, now – Universities are complicit in this stuff. They haven’t just inculcated the environment, in which it springs out but they actually pander to it and in some cases even fund it.

Seems to me that the alumni who write to me and say they’re horrified by the state of their own old schools. And we had instance actually just this week at – where was it? At Bucknell, where I am a very prominent donor to Bucknell and alumni – he’s a Trump supporter and he started being abused and insulted by Bucknell’s current students.

Well these are the guys that keep the places ticking over. So it is not for me to tell American Higher Education institutions, American Universities and Colleges, how to proceed, but something very disturbing happened this evening. And it was an expression of political violence in response to a not particularly conservative gay speaker on an American college campus, a visitor from – from the UK who would have come to express his views, to speak to students, to start a discussion or a dialogue.

Something very disturbing happened on UC Berkeley campus this evening. And the response to it from other colleges, I think is going to determine whether people really lose faith entirely in the American Higher Education System. Whether they are prepared to send their kids to these places and to keep funding these places, but in the meantime, I’m just sitting in our hotel rooms stunned, that hundreds of people were throwing rocks, throwing goodness knows what else at the buildings, throwing fireworks at the police and had to be subdued according to reports I’ve heard with tear gas and non-lethal bullets. Because they’re so threatened by the idea that a conservative speaker might be persuasive and interesting and funny and might persuade, you know might take some people with him. They just have to shut it down at all costs as America, America of all places now is the scene of political violence in response to ideas.

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] Source:
It’s very shocking but I’m safe and my team is safe, I’m sure you’ll hear a lot more about this in the days to come.

MILO Addresses The UC Berkeley Riots

MILO Addresses The UC Berkeley Riots

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