Mikey Bustos Sorry Justin Bieber Shopping


Mikey Bustos Sorry Justin Bieber Shopping Parody

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[Mikey Bustos Sorry Justin Bieber Shopping Parody]

[Justin Bieber Sorry]

My Mahal (Love) is mahal (expensive)…

It’s the 15th and I know someone’s getting her salary

I try to run and say “Baby, you know I have allergies”

there’s no excuse to escape her favorite activity

she wants to shop all day long, ‘cause she loves it

I can say bye to my plans for that day, I’m her only ride

to buy nice things ‘cause she says

she works hard to get what she likes

cancel my rest, need my best Nike shoes for this marathon

as we go run around spending money


My baby’s addicted to shopping

even flew to Guam for mall-hopping

my baby’s addicted to shopping

and we run around to find stuff all day

it’s like we are in Amazing Race!

We’re shopping


And I’m driving

She’s shopping

Oh, I tried to wait for her in the car

Became a sauna in half an hour!

My feet are hurting but she is still sorting through piles of clothes

She sees new outfits, but all that I see is more laundry loads

Seems she is buying the entire store and they treat her well

she’s like the Queen of Shopping, they’re her servants


My baby’s addicted to shopping

And I

wish this mall had places for napping

‘Cause she takes forever when shopping

she will shop until her wallet runs out

then says “It’s time to use plastic now!”

She says “Baby, let’s buy this bag please?”

But I

say “Buy a fake one in the Philippines.”

My baby is epic while shopping

and she has no shame when she’s asking for

a discount in every single store

We’re shopping

And I’m hungry

Yay! We’re done Source: LYBIO.net


Oh and why did we have to park so far?

she stays behind while I get the car

She’s still shopping

But guess what!

Wanna know something?


fills my heart with love when she’s shopping

‘cause I know everything will go inside

a balikbayan box to P.I.

That’s why I love her

and I don’t mind doing it every time

as long as she’s happy

I’m happy.

Special thanks to the Guam Visitors Bureau for inviting me to Guam.
Please visit www.VisitGuam.com for more info on the Shop Guam Festival.

Mikey Bustos Sorry Justin Bieber Shopping Parody

Mikey Bustos Sorry Justin Bieber Shopping Parody

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