Mikey Bustos Filipino National Heroes Rap


Mikey Bustos Filipino National Heroes Rap

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[Mikey Bustos Filipino National Heroes Rap]

Damn! These powers I don’t know what it is.

Mikey, aren’t Filipinos practically Spanish?

Excuse me?

Well, you have a Spanish last name?

Oh yes, Spanish royalty: Bustos, Duke of Spain

Uh.. I mean no Frank

Filipinos are not a kind of Spanish


In fact, check out our Philippine heroes

I’m Lapu Lapu, machete na guapo

Bold and a king so they call me “Datu”

Who is that I see talking to our fellow tribesman?

Fredinand Magellan and his men from Spain

Teaching their religion Catholic Roman, I’m now like a Spanish

No you’re Visayan!

Time to wage war on Ferdinand’s men

Let’s kill him with our weapon here in Mactan.

Jose Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda

Jose Rizal

Almos four centuries ruled by the Spanish

We’re executing you

‘cause I’m anti-colonial?

Your ‘Noli Me Tangere’, ‘El Filibusterismo’ poems caused rebellion against Spain!

Oops! Did I start a Spanish Revolution?


Consummatum est.


We are the revolution KKK


Rizal, your death wont go in vain!

I’m Andreas Bonifacio, Republic Tagalog President and the Great Plebeian

Co-founder and Supremo of the Katipunan

The father of the Philippine Revolution. Our secret society of Filipino militants hopes for a Philippine free from Spain!

I’m Marcela Agoncillo seamstress

I’m in Hong Kong to escape the stress.

Then General Emilio Aguinaldo requested to sew a flag that best represented the Philippines. Look oh! Isn’t it bente?

A sun, three starts, there’s blue and red in accordance to General Aguinaldo’s design

I’m Mother of the Philippine Flag, ok?

Apolinario Mabini, first Prime Minister of the Philippines. Hurray we’re free!


Brains of the Revolution now work in the government despite losing my legs to polio disease

I’m an American, we’ll show you burgers,

Get rid of siestas, and re-educate!

Pshh.. talk to the hand what next? Lemme guess

You wanna make Philippines a US State?

General Luna, born in Manila even if I am an Ilocano

Filipino General fought in the Philippine-American War

Let me intro you.

To the “Black Guard” the “Luna Sharpshooters”

That “Luna Defense Line” they’re like woah!

With military science I trained these men to catch Americans like Pokemon Go!

So you see, Frank we, Filipinos are not Spanish, we’re not like Americans we’re not like anybody.

We are our own people independent and free.

We have heroes to thank for that

And we cannot forget how we became the Philippines.

Oh that’s kinda cool. Mikey

And don’t ever forget it.


Mikey Bustos Filipino National Heroes Rap

Mikey Bustos Filipino National Heroes Rap

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