Migrants Trampled On The Food And Demanded Money


Migrants Trampled On The Food And Demanded Money

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[Migrants Trampled On The Food And Demanded Money]

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Looking at the news, the majority of journalists from Ukrainian and European TV stations sympathize with the migrants. We watched reports with you which included many people talking about helping and showing sympathy since these migrants are fleeing war, abandoning everything in their homes. The truth is still not so simple. We contacted a young woman who recently traveled by train from Budapest to Vienna, on the particular train that was sieged by migrants who sought to leave the transit Hungary to flourishing Germany. This is the same train that featured in many European news programs. It all happened before her eyes, and if she hadn’t understood Arabic, it’s possible she would have had a different opinion on events, but our partner, Aida Bolevár, understood everything that was said behind her back. These are the things she heard…

I’ve lived in Arab countries for five years. I’m fluent in Arabic, I know the Koran by heart, and so accusing me of some sort of negative intent towards the representatives of other nations and religions is simply impossible. I arrived in Budapest to meet my friends. When I got to Keleti Railway Station I was shocked at what I saw there. Masses of people of Arab appearance, filthy, unwashed and loud, who refused to let me get across the entrance. They shouted various insults in my direction, they tried to take away my luggage. Since, like I said, I’m perfectly fluent in Arabic, I understood everything that they were saying. While I waited for my train, I saw what was happening in the station. People, without shame, simply defecated right where they stood, the women shouted, they were beaten by their own kind, not by the police who didn’t even touch them. Children were screaming, there were huge piles of trash. They could not speak a single European language, they was noisy, shouting, and all they could think to do in the heat of the moment was to grab the luggage of passersby and shout obscenities after them.

Ninety percent of them were men between 18 and 45, completely healthy men who grabbed absolutely random children and fought their way forward using the children as a shield. Five people with tickets entered my train-car. We sat down, the rest of the car was totally empty. Within minutes something unbelievable happened. Huge screaming, the windows were cracking, the situation was unbelievable. Like some dark cloud, a mass of people got on. There were conflicts, fights and other awful things. The situation’s climax was when they began talking to each other in a relaxed tone, considering whether or not they should rob us, since that would please Allah because we were infidels. As for me, it would really be worth raping me because I am not dressed like a proper woman. I haven’t got a hijab on my head, that is, I’m not Muslim and so I am bad. The train stopped. Speakers said in English and German that the train doesn’t go any further. The four people and I, who had tickets, started battling our way through the migrant mass. At first, they didn’t want to let us go, and they talked about using us as hostages, that it would be worth stopping us.

The train station was completely under siege. Even more migrants appeared and these had food, bread, apples, various kinds of biscuits which they threw onto the paths, simply trampling on them. They were all shouting one word repeatedly:

MONEY! That is, give us money!

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They were grabbing at people, trying to tear away some valuables, they were grabbing at luggage and wouldn’t let people pass, they shoved and insulted. All those people are migrating only want European welfare, none of them have any intention of learning a trade or being involved in anything. Aside from hatred, absolute ill-will, they have nothing to give European people. So why are we surprised at the situation that happened a few weeks ago on the train in Amsterdam. Those people are the same ones that Europe accepted in the name of tolerance. So before we protect these people, I suggest we learn the Arabic language so that we can understand and see that while these people are smiling at us, they are spitting at us behind our backs. I saw this with my own eyes…

Migrants Trampled On The Food And Demanded Money

Migrants Trampled On The Food And Demanded Money

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