Microsoft Tech Support Scammer Loses His Mind


Microsoft Tech Support Scammer Loses His Mind

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[Microsoft Tech Support Scammer Loses His Mind]

[The Hoax Hotel:] Source:
I called this “Microsoft tech support” scammer center for 3+ hours non-stop, slowly trolling the technicians as “Cosmo Kramer”…

Their “top technician” “Randy Williams” decided it was enough and gave me a call. He was a delight…

Uh hi…



Is this Cosmo?

This is Cosmo.

Oh hi Co–

Cosmo, this is Randy Williams, secure–

account manager. (assistant to the)

How are you doing today?

Good, how are you Randy?

I’m the good


Cosmo, uh




Smiii getting the message uh of some my uhh

calling data customer care department,

calling our customer service several time…

Man! What da ree–

What’s going on here?

Uh, I think–

What’s the call in regards to?


your company.

I’m sorry?

What’s that?

It’s in regards to your company.

What you

What you being my regards to company

You’re calling our customer service several times…

I wanin

I’m calling you be – on behalf my company

Let me ask you,

what is the call in regards to?

I wanna know why you are harassing all my cost plus… erm lines

because you’re running– because you’re running a scam.

Uh, you call and say that-

What do you mean by that?

You say people have viruses on their computer and that you can fix it. but you know that’s a lie.

You know what I’m sayin’, Randy?

Iiii understand what you’re talking about.

Cosmo, what

Cosmo, what-

And you say you’re in Sunnyvale (frig off Randy) and that’s clearly a lie, too.

And you say computers are infected with these viruses

I’m sorry, what’s that?

You say that you’re getting error messages on your servers somehow…

(glub glub…)

Hold on, hold on…

Know what I’m sayin’, Randy?

Iiii understand what you’re talking about.

You do understand, OK!

So you guts aren’t in Sunnyvale,


Listen to me

Listen to me, OK?

Oh, I’m listening.

You are a very small kid to me.

Yea, you are a very small kid to me,

I guess…

A very small kid to you…


listen to me very fa-

Your scam is very small, and small minded. And you know it.

Listen to me, brother (who’s this “Hermano” guy?)

Listen to me.

Oh I’m listening.

You dir- uh yo- you- you ee- oo-

You dare to call on this number once again,

Oh yea?

I’m recording everything on this right now-

I’m recording too, and I’m going to put it on YouTube.

I’m going to file a-

Fu- fuck you with the recording.

What was that?

I’m ready to- I’m ready to give you any bullshit what you try- uh what you want. OK? Listen to –

Yea, send me some more bullshit about some viruses, How bout that? How bout- How bout you do that?

You do have! Eh eh if you- received a notification, that means you do have a virus on the computer.

You know damn well that this is a scam.

Listen to me Cosmo, I don’t wanna-

Google “Ammyy Scam”. You don’t live in Sunnyvale, your company doesn’t exist, and it’s a fucking SCAM!

Do you understand?



Iiii understa-

I understand.

I don’t give a


You understand that you’re a scam?

What you talking about, OK?

So how much money do you maker per day off your scam?


I never said that, I never said that we are scam.

I said it, cuz you are.

Allum Tarly cares, man! Whudiv, whatever you say. It doesn’t- its not mistle tree, then I should believe whatever you say! What I’m asking you-

So which building in Sunnyvale are you in? Which, which building in Sunnyvale?

What the f- I’m sorry, what’s that?

You say you’ve- You say your company is on the 30th floor of a non-existent building in Sunnyvale… There is no buildings that tall in Sunnyvale.


Do you- Whata you- wh- Where do you- Where do you live, man? Where do you live? Alright, hold on! (“talking to colleagues”) Get the ph- get the plah ker- Get the plug, ruh…Call- colleagues for this Cosmo… And get the uh get address for this guy. Hold on, give me one second, Cosmo,

Hold on, hold on, hold on…


Get this number, track it down right now, and Get this frist- fa- address right, uh track it down right now! (activating

What’s my number, tell me it. Tell me what my number is. Tell me what my number is. I’ll wait…

Don’t, eh, Don’t dare with me, man.

I’ll wait… I’ll wait!

My father is a-

Just tell me what my number is.

Come on.

You got it, you better be-

Tell me what it is.

A better bee- (bzzzz)

My father’s in the FBI, My father’s in the FBI… You don’t dare with me, man.

What’s your company name? What’s your company name?

You don’t dare with me.

What is your company name?

Uh, we don’t- I never said that we are Microsoft (???) I said we are “Microsoft Certified Technicians” Can’t you hear that? Are you deaf, or what?! Hold on. Let me- Hold on, Cosmo… (“To colleagues”) I want you to track down this number right now… And I want see where this number is calling from. And I want to get this tr- number tracked down right now, so… Get this address for- track it down for us tamal-

Well which… track it down. Quick, hurry!

Hold on Cosmo! Yoodla you yo- You- you don’t- You- you do- don’t even know whom you’re talking to! Mife-

I do.

My father is in FBI.

Oh my god, that’s great!

I’ll fuck you wi-

Which city?

I fuck you with that. Mub lub lub-

Which city?

Sorry? What?

Which city are you in?

Which ci-ty is your company in? You can’t ever answer-


We are headquartered in Bloomfield, New Jersey (wtf?) You- you hear that? Do you hear that? Oh not- not Sunnyvale?

New Jersey?

I said we are headquartered… Can you hear that?

How come the other guy- How come the other guy told me you were in Sunnyvale, California.

How come he told me that then, huh?

Listen to me very-

OK I’m listening.

We are… located all over the world,


All over the world?


Um, can you just quickly Google your own company name though, and you’ll quickly know that it’s a scam.

Ha I guess. I’m talking to a very small kiddo. Listen, Google is different, and Ammyy is a sub blarey software. It’s just a bloody (oi m8) software to connect the computer with the customer’s computer. You understand that?

Yea, you say there’s fake viruses on computers-that compromise the system.

And then you have to co-

And then you connect to the computers and try and get people to pay the money.

Hold Cosmo- Hold on, Cosmo. Don’t call and harass any of my agents.

I will because this is a scam.

If you doe do trickace right now,


What are you gonna do?

I give you an assurance…

What’re you gonna do?

Hige boosh-

I give you an assurance, bud- I give you an assurance, buddy… Do it once again… What’s- what’s the assurance? And you’ll see the results… What I’m saying… is do it once again.

One- once again?

I’m, I’m challenging you right now.

You’re challenging me?

What- what’re you gonna do?

Do it once again.

What’re you gonna do?

you don’t have any ideas?

Are you fuck with duh- dut. OK me-


I know it, very of well, what I’m going to do.

Just admit that you’re a scam and this’ll allll be over.

Don’t dare

No, we-

Are you in front of a computer?

(Glurg) Yes.

Go to Google…

Why should I go to Google?

And type in



Why go to Google, man?

And type in “Ammyy Admin Scam”. And there is your answer.

I guess uh you- you’re not aware of the A- (glurb)

Of the what?

Nunununo- hold on, hold on. I guess you’re not uh- uh, shikama- oh, you do knoooow about. Ammyy, what is Ammyy? Whaddayou immin know Miami? Ge- fuck you, you such a-

What’s the top Google result when you Google that?

Tell me.

Hold on! Hold on…

Are you Googling it?

(“To colleagues”) IP address 515…


OK what does it say?

Get this address from- track it to him right now-


You’re tracking my address?

I’m sorry, what’s up?

Huehe no no I ha- aaaave your – Huh- I have your aa-aah address in the information, doe.

What is it?

I have your address in the information. I’m not going to talk to you- Not for a single minute- Call me once again-

I’ll be calling you many a times, because I know this is a scam.

I’m challenging you to call-

Did you Google it?

I fuck you with that man, listen-

Did you Google “Ammyy Scam”? What’s the top result?

I don’t wanna do that. I don’t wanna-

Why not?

Why don’t you wanna do that?

It’s not my job, first of all- And listen to me, second most-

You don’t know how to use Google?

Ho! Fuck you with that man, listen, kiddo! A small kiddo, who just came up from the school. And I’m-

Kiddo. Just-

Just came up.

I fuck you with that man, listen- I don’t wanna talk to you, anymore- Call me once. I’m challenging you. Please call that number ONCE! PLEECE! Call that one. GIMME A CALL ONCE!

What number?

Once you call it… that call will be directed to the Attorney General- I have directed all my toll-free numbers to Attorney General.

The Attorney General? Woo.

Please juster calling done-

Man… that’s intense…

Oh, fuck you with that-

Please, please call-

Which number is that? Tell me.

You’ve been calling that number, inna- last three, three hours, right? Call the number once please. I request you, I beg you. Come on, let’s go ahead man, let’s go ahead.

FUCK YOU with the recording, OK?


[The Hoax Hotel:] Source:
I called back 50+ times, but nobody would transfer me to “Randy” :(

And no Attorney General :(

Microsoft Tech Support Scammer Loses His Mind

Microsoft Tech Support Scammer Loses His Mind

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