Microsoft Mobile Monitoring Cardiac Patients


Microsoft Mobile Monitoring Cardiac Patients

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[Microsoft Mobile Monitoring Cardiac Patients]

[Ziad Sankari, Founder, CardioDiagnostics:] Source:
When I was 17 years old, I lost my father to a heart attack. The doctors were discussing that if there was a way to monitor him, we could have been able to help him or possibly save him. And that’s perhaps what pushed me to create something like Cardiodiagnostics.

Cardiodiagnostics is a medical technology company that provides you with a tool that allows you to exercise remote cardiac monitoring for extended periods of time. It creates software technologies that allow the data to come from remote patients and allows physicians to have access to that data in real time.

[Dr. Rodney Samaan, (Cardiologist MD, MPH):] Source:
There’s a big push in medicine to treat the patient as if they were in-patient, but in an outpatient setting. Mobile telemetry allows us to monitor for any arrhythmias that could potentially kill a patient. And we’re able to do that in the setting of their home, in their work environment, in all different social settings.

[Ziad Sankari:] Source:
We developed an algorithm that is capable of analyzing the electrical activity of the heart and detecting certain problems, and we wanted those algorithms available through the cloud and through wearable devices to prevent heart conditions.

We were extremely frustrated with the technology options we had. We weren’t able to build the product and technology that the market really needs. It was kind of like reaching a dead end and trying to figure out how to start all the way from the beginning. But luckily enough, we came across Azure technologies. It literally transformed our ability to create scalable, available and durable products.

The platform is a lot easier for my engineers to use. It builds into it HIPAA compliance, so ultra security for medical-grade technology. Because there are special considerations when you deal with patient data. And that gives enormous value to everybody who comes in touch with our products.

Now our entire technology is built on the Azure cloud.

[Dr. Rodney Samaan:] Source:
The great thing about this technology is, I log into the system, it’s cloud-based log-in, and the National Cardiac Monitoring Center has a telemetry tech who’s monitoring the device in real-time, all the time. What’s fascinating is, here I am in California, in Los Angeles, the patient could be in Los Angeles or could be in Hawaii or Thailand, and I could still monitor that patient through the cloud. It is a life-changing event for a patient in terms of reassurance that they’re going to be OK.

[Ziad Sankari:]
I think my dad would have been very proud of the work my team and I have done on this technology. I think he would realize that his early departure from this life did not go to waste.


Microsoft Mobile Monitoring Cardiac Patients

Microsoft Mobile Monitoring Cardiac Patients

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