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Microsoft HoloLens Young Conker

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[Microsoft HoloLens Young Conker]

Conker is a much beloved property that has a huge following. We worked with Rare and came up with the idea of using Young Conker.

So the first time Conker walks across the couch and he starts bouncing, wait a minute, how do you know that’s a couch?

Microsoft HoloLens | Young Conker

[David (Creative Director, Asobo Studio):]
Young Conker is basically a platformer which happens in your room.

[Clayton (Creative Director):]
You can be in a big room or a small room, or a crowded room or a completely empty space, the game has to adapt.

Every single animation is related to the context for example if Conker is close to an edge he will play vertigo animation.

“Ah Oh…”

[Scott (Engineering Director):]
Seeing these Holographic elements, characters added to your world on things that are familiar to you like your couch your table, that is going to be the thing that blows many people away.

When there’s not a lot of floor space, Conker runs on the wall more it’s just the ability to adapt and then suddenly realizing oh I’m making tactical choices based on the shape of this room. And if I move that table or I just look at it from a different direction those tactics change.

“Oh… Heck!”

I think the idea that this isn’t sort of walled off or stand alone device, this is a Windows 10 device so any advantages that a developer gets on the Windows 10 platform also exists on HoloLens.

[Matt (Executive Producer):]
Making a HoloLens application is a really fantastic opportunity, you have all of these awesome APIs and all of this great information that HoloLens gives you.

Spatial mapping is a novel feature of HoloLens. The HoloLens application essentially feels around that world and identifies the objects in that world through pattern matching. The challenge is what do you do with this 3rd variety of that world that you’re scanning. It’s an opportunity to apply a game to your world that is going to be different from room to room from environment to environment and I think that’s just very fresh.

Working with Asobo Studio gave us this opportunity to learn and know what real developers out there are going need to make awesome holographic experiences.

What excites me the most is what people will do with this technology what they will build. That’s where all the real surprises are going to come from.

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Microsoft HoloLens Young Conker

Microsoft HoloLens Young Conker

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