Michael Layton Pays Tribute To Jack Layton


Michael Layton Pays Tribute To Jack Layton

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[Jack Layton Eulogy – Stephen Lewis]

[John Gilbert “Jack” Layton, (July 18, 1950 – August 22, 2011)]

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To our friends, to our neighbours, to all of you, we’d first like to say we are overwhelmed by the incredible support you have shown us. We are proud to have shared our father with you. Celebrating his life together today means so much to us, so on behalf of our entire extended family, thank you so very much. (applause)

[Sarah Campbell]
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[Mike Layton]
Not many people are recognized practically everywhere by just their first name. Jack. His personality invited that kind of immediate connection. But while you all knew him as Jack, I want to tell you about my dad. It’s true: he was never one to take the easy road. There was a time when I was 11 when we set out on a cycling camping tour of Prince Edward Island. Father and son awoke, and ready to ride with the rising sun. Our grueling route carefully prepared. What our map couldn’t show us was that our main trail was basically impassable by bike. A trail literally of jagged shells. At best we pedaled a few hundred miles before our first flat tire. Then another. Then another. And each time we’d hop off, patch the hole, pump the tire and push on. Dozens of flats, hundred of tire bumps, increasingly colorful language. Sure, we could have given up, walked our bikes back and called someone for a ride. But, no. Nothing would keep us from our goal. This is how my father lived his whole life. Undeterred by the height of the mountain, the storminess of the sea or the rockiness of the road. He’d pour everything into achieving a goal. The only thing that mattered more to him was helping others achieve their goals. It’s a pretty good quality in a father.

[Mike Layton]
Growing up, our family used to rent a cabin near Huntsville, and dad was always planning fun activities for the kids staying in the cabins nearby. Plenty of campfire sing-alongs. One summer we noticed a sailboat at the dock. Dad suggested we go on a sail. I was excited but fearful. I’d never sailed before. I wasn’t sure I could do it and I wasn’t sure he could either. ‘No worries,’ he said, ‘I’ll teach you. Everything will be fine.’ As it turns out, he knew how to sail, but the winds stopped completely – the wind stopped completely and we found ourselves stranded in the middle of the lake. Perfect stillness. You could almost hear the fish breathing. But was my dad phased? No he was not. Floating motionless, he talked me through every basic sailing skill he knew before we arduously rowed ourselves back to shore. (applause) ‘You could wait forever for perfect conditions,’ he said, ‘or you can make the best of what you got now.’ (applause) That’s what he did every day of his life. He made the most of each moment. He was a man who changed this city and this country, and the loving dad I miss so much already.

[Mike Layton] Source: LYBIO.net
Twenty years ago, he co-founded an organization dedicated to eliminating men’s violence against women the White Ribbon Campaign. What started as a meeting has grown into a movement against violence spanning 60 countries. Not long ago, my dad offered the new executive director some advice that I’ll share with you now. He said, ‘Always have a dream that’s longer than a life-time. If faut toujours avoir des rêves qui dépassent la durée de la vie. Friends: be loving, be hopeful, be optimistic. Together we can build the world of our dreams.’ And as he always said, ‘Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done.’ (applause) (standing ovation)

Michael Layton Pays Tribute To Jack Layton. Together we can build the world of our dreams.’ And as he always said, ‘Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done.’ Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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