Michael Hoffman Responds


Michael Hoffman Responds

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[Michael Hoffman Responds]

[Michael Hoffman:] Source: LYBIO.net
Hey guys, this is Michael Hoffman, most of you know me by now. I just wanted to say, I know that there are videos going around of me, I understand. But I wanted to say a few things.

One: I’m not gay. Those videos, I can understand making me look that way, and I respect gay people completely, but I’m not a gay, I am straight. And let me tell you why I made those videos.

I needed money, plain and simple.

I made over $10,000 selling those videos. In the videos you have seen is just may be a few of the very many I’ve made in the past two years.

So I just wanted to tell you guys that you know, I needed the money, I posted those videos, I was naive about it, thinking that they would get online. But someone started the whole thing and posted them online. Or a few people did, and you know, it is what it is. Can’t do anything about it.

It’s humiliating, it’s embarrassing, can’t really walk around anywhere without being like, looked at weird or people talking about it, but just it is what it is.

strong>[Michael Hoffman:] Source: LYBIO.net
But I am going to continue, I guess I’m going to continue maybe doing um… you know, flexing or whatever on YouTube. I will probably start acting and stuff. And – but you guys can think what you want, I don’t care anymore, I am really done I can’t do anything about it. I – they are online, they are leaked, they are always going to be there, so. Just want to let you guys know. People posted them on, that I sold them too and I don’t know, who started it, but it is what it is. And yeah.

strong>[Michael Hoffman:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
But uh…. anyway, I guess I keep updating my channel. Take care you guys.

Michael Hoffman Responds

Michael Hoffman Responds

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