Mercy For Animals – Tyson Foods Torturing Animals


Mercy For Animals – Tyson Foods Torturing Animals

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[Mercy For Animals – Tyson Foods Torturing Animals]

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Chickens are extremely intelligent and social animals with their own unique personalities and feelings; much like the dogs and cats we all love. But at Tyson factory farms these gentle birds are treated like yesterday’s garbage. Their short lives are filled with misery and deprivation, filth, overcrowding, disease, sufferings.

Hidden camera video by Mercy For Animals shows Tyson workers dropping and throwing crates full of baby birds onto the ground. Many of the fragile chicks are injured or killed in the process. Crammed by the tens of thousands into a filthy windowless sheds, these birds never see the sun or breathe fresh air until the day they are trucked to the slaughterhouse. Tyson chickens are purposely bred to grow at an unnaturally rapid pace, reaching adult size in only 42 days, nearly three times as fast as they once did. Crippled by their own weight these birds spend most of their lives lying in their own waste with open sores and wounds and barely able to move.

Many birds have painful infections and festering sores on their feet caused by the filthy disease-ridden conditions. Some birds become tangled in ropes or stuck in poorly designed feed troughs. At this Tyson factory farm thousands of chickens succumb to sickness and disease, many die from heart attacks or organ failure related to rapid growth. Others have their necks broken and their spines crushed by workers or are allowed to suffer and slowly die without food, water or proper veterinary care.

[Mercy For Animals:] Source:
Here the farm supervisor who raises the water nozzles making it impossible for the smaller birds to access water. After six short weeks, birds who survive these grueling conditions are violently grabbed by workers and slammed into transport crates, bound for slaughter. Their tortured bodies end up in grocery stores and restaurants across the country.

This cruelty must stop. Please join Mercy for Animals in calling on Tyson to implement meaningful animal welfare policies to prevent the cruelty and neglect you’ve just witnessed.

Take action at And remember you can help end the needless suffering of chickens, by simply leaving them off your plate.


Mercy For Animals - Tyson Foods Torturing Animals

Mercy For Animals – Tyson Foods Torturing Animals

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