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Mercedes Benz How To mbrace App

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[Mercedes Benz How To mbrace App]

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With the mbrace Mobile App, you can operate features in your car remotely from your smartphone.

The Mobile App is free when you subscribe to Mercedes-Benz mbrace.

Just download it for your iPhone or Android phone from the Apple, iTunes Store or the Google Play Store. Before using its features, launch the application on your phone and log in using your eight digit mbrace account number and the four digit pin that was established when you set up your account. Be sure to pair your vehicle with the app.

The home screen of the app looks a lot like your car smart key.

Buttons on the virtual key let you unlock and lock the doors and you can flash the lights and sound the horn.

Depending on the model, you can also locate the vehicle on a map or remote start the engine.

On models with remote start, the locate feature is in the lower menu.

The remote start feature available on many newer models lets you start the engine and run the climate control for up to 10 minutes. This lets you pre condition the cabin’s temperature on very cold or hot days.

First, tap the remote start icon on the virtual key. A new screen appears with a start button a digital timer and a readout of the cabin temperature. The cabin temperature is shown only after a remote start is initiated.

Once the temperature is received from the car, the temperature is treated as valid for 30 minutes. You can be any distance from the vehicle. So please be mindful of the vehicles location before using the feature. Do not run the engine if you are not sure that the vehicle is in a safe environment or if it’s in enclosed area.

To remote start the engine tap the green start button. The app confirms its started. [ignition sound] And the button becomes a red stop button. The timer begins to count down 10 minutes. After which the engine will be switched off automatically. You can also turn it off yourself by taping the red stop button. While the engine is running, the climate control operates at the last settings used when you parked the car. This helps make the cabin more comfortable for your arrival.

Please note that for your safety a number of safety conditions must all be met, or the engine will not remote start. If the engine is started remotely and any of the conditions change, the engine will shut off the doors, windows, trunk and sunroof must be fully closed and locked. The vehicle must be in park. The key cannot be in the ignition and the gas pedal must not be depressed. The fuel tank must be at least a quarter full and neither the panic alarm nor the hazard flashers can be active.

If any unmet conditions exist, the app will show you the reason.

You can remote start the engine a maximum of two times. To reset the counter simply start the engine the regular way from the car.

If you can’t remember where you parked, the vehicle finder feature shows you on an onscreen map. Tap the locate button. It’s on the virtual key or in the lower menu depending on your model. Your vehicles location is shown as a red pin on a map. You can zoom in and out by pinching. Your phone location is also shown as a blue dot. Your vehicle must be within a mile of you and have access to a GPS satellite signal, which is not always possible inside a structure.

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The surface is available for upto four days after the engine was last switched off. If you are close to your vehicle, but are unable to find it in a row of parked cars, you can flash its exterior lights and sounds its horn. You can also do this to draw attention if needed. The honk flash button is the red triangle on the virtual key, similar to the panic button on your real key. Tap the button, then okay. Your cars lights will flash and its horn will repeatedly honk for five seconds. [horn sounds] The door lock and unlock buttons let you operate the remote locks from any distance. To lock the doors or just to make sure they are locked, in case you forgot, tap the lock button on the virtual key. Then okay to confirm. Within a few seconds the doors will lock. To unlock them remotely, tap unlock and then okay.

If you happen lock to keys and your smartphone in the vehicle, you can also unlock the car from the mbrace website or by calling the Mercedes-Benz customer assistant center.

Send2Benz lets you search for a destination on your phone, then upload it to the command navigation system in your vehicle. Tap the Send2Benz button, then choose one of the option buttons in the next screen. You can search for a point of interest, enter a street address, select an address from your phone book contact or your current location.

The mbrace concierge service is an option that gives you 24/7 access to a life personal assistant. Whether you are hungry right now or want to book a trip, the expert concierges can fulfill almost any request from dining advice and reservations, to airline tickets, to seats at a show or concert.

To initiate a voice call to one of the experts tap concierge in the lower menu. Then press call. Tap the more button in the lower menu for a variety of additional mbrace features. You can speak with a highly trained live representative. Check your account info and view messages. When you valet park, you can set a virtual fence around your vehicle. After you leave your vehicle tap the more button then valet protect. You can configure the radius of the fence and when to be notified. If your vehicle exits the virtual fence area, a text message will be sent to your phone. Two other features on the more screen offer some added piece of mind when other drivers in your household are using the family Mercedes-Benz.

Curfew Minder can send you a message if the vehicle is started after a certain hour. Tap this button to set up the time and alert info. And driving journal can show you where the vehicle was driven for up to 12 hours after logging into the website.

If you have questions or need assistance your Mercedes-Benz dealer will be happy to help or just press the mbrace ‘i’ button in your car and we’ll be here for you too.

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Mercedes Benz How To mbrace App

Mercedes Benz How To mbrace App

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