Mercedes-Benz Beauty Meets High-Tech


Mercedes-Benz Beauty Meets High-Tech

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[Mercedes-Benz Beauty Meets High-Tech]

Beauty meets high-tech

[Hartmut Sinkwitz (Director Interior Design):] Source:
We try to bring both together the world of the true materials that people expect from a luxury product but also this high-tech aspect that you experience when you enter the car.

We like to call the interior of the car ‘The Third Place’ so next to your home, and your working area, the car is a place not only to get from A to B but also to live in the car in a way.

Larger, more aesthetic screens, better connection, and get our own social network into the car and this is getting
more and more important.

[Gorden Wagener (Chief Design Officer Daimler AG):] Source:
Designers, typically like simplicity. Simple solutions make complex technology user-friendly and I think this is important.

Mercedes-Benz Beauty Meets High-Tech

Mercedes-Benz Beauty Meets High-Tech

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