Martin Shkreli You’re Not A Ghostface Killah


Martin Shkreli You’re Not A Ghostface Killah

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[Martin Shkreli You’re Not A Ghostface Killah]

[Martin Shkreli:] Source:
Dennis! I’m gonna call you by your government name… You’re not a ghost face killer, I’m sorry.

In fact, you know, most people don’t ever try to beef with me… do you know why? why do you guys think?

[Martin Shkreli’s (Goons):]
They stupid.

[Martin Shkreli:]
Because nobody’s that dumb. Everyone of my enemies they try to stay anonymous they try to stay out of shit, because (Dumbass!) you know, it’s one of those things, where you think it’s okay to beef with me. But that’s a big mistake
Umm, you know at the end of the day, um, I’m very sorry for you. You’re an old man. You’re an old man that’s lost his relevance and you’re trying to reclaim the spotlight from my spotlight. That’s not gonna work, Ghost – Dennis.

In fact, I think that uhh, if you ever say some dumb shit again.
This album, this Shaolin – I’m gonna erase all your shit from this album.
Right here, motherfucker, right here.

You understand me? I’m going to erase you from the record books of rap
You’re gonna be done; you’re my son: you have to listen to me
I butter your bread, you understand me?

[Martin Shkreli’s (Goons):]
You’ll be a “Ghost” for real motherfucker.

Without you… without me, you’re nothing. And so even though I pity you I have to give you some punishment; I’m sorry. I’m, I, I’m not gonna let this slide I expect you to write me a written apology, from the heart. Some contrition, some long letter where you explain your sorrow and sadness for what you’ve done. This is embarrassing –

[Martin Shkreli’s (Goons):] Source:
Not a crayons either, motherfucker!

Fuck crayons.

And, you know you think you’re the only tough guy from New York City? Uhh, I’m sorry, but you don’t know us. We saw your boy, Killah Priest.

[Beep]; [beep]

We saw him getting pinched for, uhh, what was it, 10 kilos of cocaine? Some of that, some of that China white. And uhh, what did he do, Todd? I, I, I

[Martin Shkreli’s (Goons):]
He was copping pleas like a little bitch, to the police. He didn’t even got no damn year sentence to his ass! Coppin’, please! I got kids!


[Martin Shkreli’s (Goons):]
We all got kids up this motherfucker.

And, and you’re crying to the Jake, right away. Why is that? Why are your goons not as hard as mine?

[Martin Shkreli’s (Goons):] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Lift up yo skirt, mothfucka

Yeah, well look: Ghost, stop pretending, stop acting, stop lying. Be real, as your video once said. And uhh, don’t ever fucking mention my name again. Ever. Or it’ll be, there’ll be more, more of a price to pay than just this video. I’m out

Martin Shkreli You’re Not A Ghostface Killah

Martin Shkreli You’re Not A Ghostface Killah

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