Mark Borowiecki Loses Skate Blade


Mark Borowiecki Loses Skate Blade

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[Mark Borowiecki Loses Skate Blade]

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…[making] it up and firing it towards the net, and Joseph – Zajac, pardon me, that was knocked down. Ryan [Dzingel] moves it up. Puck bounces down, [Ben] Lovejoy goes on after it.

Here comes Paul, gets it over, oh, what a shot by [Mike] Condon as he came across to stop Cammalleri.

Here’s all the game.

Paul looks around, over to Cammalleri, no, it goes back to the line, smoked wide by Lovejoy. Borowiecki’s got a broken stake, and he can hardly – he can’t stand up.

Oh, just right!

Look at him in front.

He’ not injured, his skates wrecked.

And then there he goes…and here’s [Taylor] Hall. Shoots, just wide!

Trying to tip it was Lovejoy and blade whistled down.

He said: I can’t skate. There’s the blade.

This is unbelievable I felt sorry for him throughout this —

He’s lost his blade. Source: L Y B I O . N E T

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The blade popped out and they don’t worked very well without ’em…

Those – those pop out, quick change blades which everybody use this now, unfortunately for Borowiecki pops out during play.

He’s just – I mean everything he tries to get up, the skate doesn’t work. Woooooah… And he’s yelling at the official, right now – blow the whistle but the official can’t because New Jersey has possession the puck. I can tell you the whole Ottawa Senators, Ben.

Look, he’s laughing, nobody can believe it. I talk to Bobby Ryan during the commercial break, he says, I’ve never seen that before and I can tell you, I haven’t either.

Mark Borowiecki Loses Skate Blade

Mark Borowiecki Loses Skate Blade

Mark Borowiecki Loses Skate Blade. He’s lost his blade. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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