Marina Joyce Rap God


Marina Joyce Rap God

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[Marina Joyce Rap God]

[Rap God Eminem]

So Ray J went straight to the radio station the very next day
“Hey, Fab, I’mma kill you”
Lyrics coming at you at supersonic speed, (JJ Fad)

[Marina Joyce:] Source:
Being vegan is very healthy for you, I recommend beans.

And I’ll say that you should watch COWSPIRACY because it’s a very good thing to watch but it is very gory so I don’t recommend watching it, but just understand that people really hurt animals out there – and that’s actually really sad.

And I don’t think that is okay to eat meat because it has so much negative energy in it and all that negative energy gets put into your body and also when you drink milk it also made me feel really —

Marina Joyce Rap God

Marina Joyce Rap God

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