Margaret MacLennan SJW’s Guide To Preventing Migrant Rape


Margaret MacLennan SJW’s Guide To Preventing Migrant Rape

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[Margaret MacLennan SJW’s Guide To Preventing Migrant Rape]

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Hey guys, this is Margaret. And if you have been reading the news in the last few months, you’ll notice a terrible trend where thousands of European women are being sexually assaulted by Syrian migrants.

Now this is a horrible set of crimes and we really need to work harder to put a stop to it. Not by being more careful but who gets let into these countries, but by working with the women who are at risk to make sure that they aren’t such juicy targets for assault.

So here’s my guide to preventing being raped.

The first and most practical method is rape bracelets. Like the cops are handing in Sweden with clear instructions that say, do not rape, or you could try really fun and fashionable temporary tattoo, like one German swimming pool is giving out, that just says no.

As we all know it’s okay to do something to somebody as long as they do not have a temporary tattoo that explicitly states otherwise.

See now you know, it’s not okay to rape me.

And of those methods don’t work, you could just try wearing a burqa or staying at home. But if you insist on going about your daily business like you are some kind of person living in a free society, try not to be such a slut. You are provoking the migrants also, I think it’s racist to say migrant. Through all this you have to remember that rape isn’t really a sex crime, it’s a crime of power. So this isn’t really a feminist issue that should concern women the world over.

Don’t listen to mean people like Kathy Shaidle who say’s that, rape is obviously about sex because rape only ends when the guy…

Make sure you don’t say anything too crazy like that your culture where you can walk around wearing short shirts and open up a bank account in your own name is better than a culture where women are forced into body bags and are forced to endure charming things like female genital mutilation.

All cultures are equal and all cultural enrichment is necessarily good.

I mean, hey — who doesn’t love the progress of having to deal with wolf whistles and men calling you honey last summer, versus this summer where you have to wear bracelets that says, please do not rape me if you happen to go in public. This is progress.

And in the end if you do get raped, is it really all that bad, it’s only a crime of power. And you can recharge and be re-empowered by drinking one or eating chocolate.

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Are you really going to cause trouble for those poor migrants by daring to tell the cops? Somebody might think that you are racist or culturalist.

Wait, is this is the race thing or a cultural thing, because it’s not a sexual assault thing.

Anyway the best way to avoid getting raped is to just let it happen and then shut the hell up about it. Because then it’s like it never happened because the last thing that you want to do is to have to start an uncomfortable conversation.

We, social justice warriors, can take all the physical and emotional trauma of sexual assault as long as we don’t have to endure the worst thing that any person in the western world could possibly endure, a problematic discussion.

Same as always guys, like and subscribe down at the bottom and thank you for watching.

But you are still concerned about the women that you care about in your life, I really do recommend the burqa option and keeping them at home, that’s probably the safest place for them.

Margaret MacLennan SJW's Guide To Preventing Migrant Rape

Margaret MacLennan SJW’s Guide To Preventing Migrant Rape

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