Man Sues Gym Over Women Only Hours


Man Sues Gym Over Women Only Hours

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[Man Sues Gym Over Women Only Hours]

The man who is “standing up for manhood” by suing his gym

Now the New Year is the time that a lot of us sign up to gyms and a number of our stop going for all sorts of reasons. But one Londoner Peter Lloyd quit his gym, the Kentish Town Sports Centre, over the issue of women’s-only hours, which he said, amounted to sexual discrimination. He sued the gym and the two parties settled out of court. Peter since written a book called “Stand by your Manhood” and he joins me now. Peter tell me how did you come to sue the gym?

[Peter Lloyd:] Source:
Well, quite simply because it was unfair. It was as simple as that. I’ve never heard of a business model will you pay for something that you don’t get. And if the genders were switched in a situation, then it would be a no-brainer. And that is no different because I’m a man. You know its 2015 now, I must say 2014 but it’s 2015 now, it’s equality is a two-way thing I’m afraid.

Would it be only women’s-only hours is the times you wanted to use the gym?

[Peter Lloyd:]
Yeah, frequently. It was actually a real imposition sometimes and just for me for a lot of other men. But one of the wider issues was the fact that it suggested I was somehow a predator, or you know dangerous by default. And I found it really offensive and I think that was one of the main driving forces behind it, so.

And we speak to some women though they do feel a bit uncomfortable around men in gyms, did you have sympathy for that – that feeling?

[Peter Lloyd:]
Yeah, absolutely. And I was never actually against women hours per say, what I was against was the way it was structured as a business model. So I suggested that the gym perhaps keep the women’s hours but charge them slightly less for the hours they can’t use. And they rejected that on the basis that we should have the kind of Titanic era women and children first approach, which I just think is irrelevant now, I think, part of equality is refusing to subsidize women because they’re obviously capable of living there lives independently. So the policy was unnecessary.

We spoke to Camden Council, who gave us a statement which is “The Council is within its rights to run women’s-only sessions. Women feel excluded from sport and physical activity for a variety of reasons. Our women’s-only sessions are effective in increasing participation and improving health. We have a health and physical activity program for the entire community, including services specifically for other groups, including just men, older people and disabled users. We make absolutely no apology for this.” How is – what’s your reaction to that?

[Peter Lloyd:]
What a joke. I mean, you know, this is just all part of the malaise you know they are looking at the wrong end of the telescope here. People talk about you know how women feel and you know women are oppressed, and depressed and repressed. Actually the reality is men die sooner than women. If gyms are having policies to improve health, they need to be targeting men and having men-only hours as a priority, not women-only hours.

We also sent one of our reporters out to the gym this morning to speak to local users, who I believe, we’ve got – will get the play you now.

I think this guy is being an entitled idiot. I think he’s displaying a lack of understanding for the emotional and religious situation of a number of women. I think he is refusing to take that into account. I think the jury is actually being reasonable in terms of – in terms of settling it out of court. I don’t think that’s the necessarily a bad thing. I completely support them having women-only hours. And also if there is a market for men-only classes or men-only hours, then that’s okay as well. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. I think it’s certainly women – the reasons of structure and equality which this guys seems to completely have ignored, needs safe spaces and ways that men don’t know necessarily.

Quite strong words from there, how do you feel about that?

[Peter Lloyd:] Source:
Well, I mean I just take it over with a pinch of salt that’s just kind of the typical knee jerk response that you hear all the time. I have rights to be – to debate a space that I pay for and have access to as much as she does, I’m no threat to her or anybody else. And quite frankly women objectify men just as much as men can objectify women. And the most important thing is that people go there for themselves and their own health benefits, not as an excuse to objectify people.

This topic has got a lot of people on Twitter talking and to us as well as. I have got some Tweets on screen now. Ando says, “I wouldn’t call it sexist, it can be frustrating when you turn up and find out it’s #womenonly.” Plenty of notice needed “Some women, don’t have a lot of confidence they don’t want to be stared at by men or get embarrassed.”

Sam Leonard has said, “Most men think they can score in a gym… most women wouldn’t bother looking!” I’m almost have not – I have not ever to gym with the intention of scoring, have you?

[Peter Lloyd:] Source:
Well, you know, some of the sights I’ve see in the gym, no I definitely do not go there to score. And it’s not a very classy place to try and attract somebody anyway. No look, I mean, we’re kind of losing sight of the argument here. We are talking about fairness and equality. If I’m paying for a service, I should be able to access it, appropriately and just as much as women can. If the council want to have ‘Women Hours’ they can but don’t expect me or any of the men to pay for them it’s as simple as that.

Man Sues Gym Over Women Only Hours

Man Sues Gym Over Women Only Hours

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