Man Changes Name Oddsocksmcweirdo


Man Changes Name Oddsocksmcweirdo

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[Man Changes Name Oddsocksmcweirdo]


I found myself appearing in magistrates’ courts quite a lot, quite regularly. And I thought it would lighten proceedings quite a lot if I had a long and difficult name which not only I could say in court but they would be obliged to repeat back at me as well.

So I changed my name to Oddsocksmcweirdoeltuttifruttifartohell­ohippotamusbum


Now, six months later I decided that this maybe wasn’t quite dignified enough so I changed it again to…

OddsocksmcweirdoeltuttifruttiMrfartohell ­ohippotamusbumIthinkwecanallliveincooper ­ationasfreeindividualswithouthurtingourf ­ellowsentientbeingsbutwewillhavetoworkon ­ ittheworldisforsharing

And to this day, that is my full legal surname.

Man Changes Name Oddsocksmcweirdo

Man Changes Name Oddsocksmcweirdo

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