Lucas Cruikshank Where Is FRED Now


Lucas Cruikshank Where Is FRED Now

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[Lucas Cruikshank Where Is FRED Now]

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Hey it’s Fred, it’s me. I’m back. No offence. But I bet you’re like ‘why are you even here’. ‘Who are you?’ ‘I heard you went to rehab?’

First of all, yes, I did go to rehab. I don’t really feel like talking about why I went. Let’s just say I’m better now, I’m better, I am much better and someone died. But they were later resuscitated. So that’s why I didn’t go to prison. Yeah. I heard prison is really scary. I don’t want to go there. And another thing I’ve been taking all of the hair pills in the cabinet of medicines, so that’s why my hair is so thick, very thick.

I love it. I feel like there’s so much to talk about. I haven’t made a video in so long. I mean when I first moved out of my mom’s house, I did do some other online videos, but they are not on YouTube. Anyway, I got to make friends.

What else is there? Oh I did in fact saw my Fred Channel. You may have noticed. A lot of people are asking me about it when I go to the grocery store. They’re like ‘why did you start your Fred Channel?’ And I’m like, ‘because I wanted to be rich, I wanted money.’ I thought after I sold my Fred Channel I might be able to be Hugh Hefner. Except instead of having a bunch of people 70 years younger than me like Hugh Hefner, I would just have Judy. ‘Where is she? Judy! Judy!’

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So yeah, turns out. I sold the channel for two $46 dollar cheesecake factory vouchers. I do really like cheesecake factory. You win some, you lose some. I guess I should have had my mom’s trustworthy lawyer look over the contract. I did it though. My mom’s lawyer is really good.

Last year my mom ran over 30 children on Black Friday. And her lawyer guy, convinced the police that the kids made up the whole thing for attention. So my mom didn’t have to go to prison. What do you guys want to eat for dinner tonight? Crackers or half eaten pretzels sticks we find the apartment hallway?

But yeah my mom is doing good. I don’t talk to her very often because I live across the country. Well last time I talked to her, she told me she is taking care of a couple of new kids. I have siblings. Oh!

She didn’t come out of her body so she doesn’t know where they came from. And she’s tried to leave at Walmart so they get kidnapped. But nobody ever kidnaps them.

When I was little my mom tried to get me kidnapped too. I did get kidnapped once, but it was just by an old lady who wanted a good neck massage. I gave her the neck massage and then she brought me home. Kidnapping is fun.

I live in Los Angeles now. I’m currently living at a middle-aged man named Jeffery’s house. He is really nice, he’s super generous. He lets me live here for free. The only thing I have to do is clean the apartment once a week, wearing just underwear. It’s fun. I love cleaning. Ha ha … Jeffery is rarely ever home. But when he is home, I sing for him. I sing for Jeffery. He lets me leave the house twice a month. Yeah.

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♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Jeffery let’s me live here for free because I clean the house in undies. I’m talented. ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

All right guys I hope to talk to you guys more. Peace Out Home Dog.


Lucas Cruikshank Where Is FRED Now

Lucas Cruikshank Where Is FRED Now

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