LtCorbis BUZZFEED VS MEN COD AW Live Commentary


LtCorbis BUZZFEED VS MEN COD AW Live Commentary

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[LtCorbis BUZZFEED VS MEN COD AW Live Commentary]


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Nerd.. Fuck me.. fuck. If you haven’t paid attention to Buzzfeed’s latest fuck-up that is what I am going to be talking about right now.

Basically this girl who posts through Buzzfeed I forget her name so I am just going to show it on screen.

“SCAACHI KOAL” [Scaachi Koul]

Posts this tweet that was like ‘hey we are looking for some people to join Buzzfeed’. ‘If you are interested you know, send in your submissions and uh… we will read them over and you know, we’ll … we’ll choose whoever did the best’.

[Burps /belch]

And this article is put together like uh… Buzzfeed should be taken seriously like it… like it…. [laughs] like it should be treated as a real company, that has integrity and you know… [laughs] like it is professional, well all you guys do is just pump click-bait content.

It is just a company full of idiots making click bait articles and videos for other idiots to enjoy. This is Buzzfeed.

I mean all they write about is something nostalgic or some article that’s about the current news that is really just inaccurate and all they do on the youtube channel is just like “Babies commit arson for the first time”. Or “The Try Guys tried killing themselves.”

And they are acting like something that’d be taken seriously.

Anyways the eight sections consist about you know – details for who they want, what they want, what is to be expected. And in there they just include the fact that they want preferably someone who is not white, not male, you know they be they are not looking for some people that are of a different race or a different gender that you know seem like they are equal or something.

And they said preferably so it is not like you can’t be white and you can’t be a male.

But in the eighth section; by the way this was typed up and All-Caps pretty much summarizes the go go go, done, if you are irritated about this decision.

And I am not sure what this girl thought, you know what would happen or something, maybe she thought she would get off scot-free because it’s you know there is no way to be sexist towards man and there is no way to be racist towards white people. And may be she thought she get off scot-free and no one would be pissed at all. No one – no one will get rustle jimmies or anything because that can’t happen but no – you know – of course a lot of people are pissed off at her and they definitely – you know – they had the right to be. Because not only in the last section did she you know -exclaim go fuck yourself if you are pissed off about this situation.

Her whole twitter; if you checked it was dedicated to just hating on men.

It’s deleted now but you’re going to have to take my word for it.

It was just dedicated to how men are evil people.

You know, may be she had one bad experience with a man and maybe someone was a little, too pushy with her, you know, even maybe she was raped or something what I mean I really get her.

The logical conclusion to come here is that if one guy is mean towards you or even something bad to you it must mean all men are evil and um… don’t deserve to live because that is just logic guys. That is how it works.

[Burps /belch]

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One person of a certain classification whether it is race or gender or job or something like that has treated you badly or does something bad that means the entirety of whatever that classification is you know must be dumb – you know, evil.

What ever the case was that you are affected by, I am not a feminist myself but it is these feminine nazi extremists that kind of ruin the message of you know the entire group.

Real feminist that are fighting for equality and actually want to spread a good message don’t seem to make up the face of feminism at all.

In most cases the extremist group in different groups in different groups are a small portion, with feminism it is quite a larger portion, just a small portion of that are extremists and actually are probably sending a bad message and are ruining the message of the entire group.

Do you really ever know those teachers that were just really shitty whenever jimmy or bobby would – would fuck up or something. The whole class would get consequences for it. I hate it when that happened.

Because just because one person in the class does something bad, it doesn’t mean the whole class should get consequences. And that is just retarded – like one member in the class preventing you from doing those parties and stuff because they are the ones who have had bad behavior they are the ones who can’t keep it in their pants you know. It is – it is pretty much the exact same thing.

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Fuck me fuck. Nerd

LtCorbis BUZZFEED VS MEN COD AW Live Commentary

LtCorbis BUZZFEED VS MEN COD AW Live Commentary

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