Louis Vuitton Presents Never Ending Story


Louis Vuitton Presents Never Ending Story

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[Louis Vuitton Presents Never Ending Story]


Louis Vuitton was just fourteen when he left the Jura on a journey, a journey to Paris, where he learned to master carpentry. Carpentry which he used to engineer crinoline petticoats for Empress Eugenie, Louis became a man of note.

Noted by the world of fashion, his fame was gracious and still dominates fashion today – always creative, always audacious. Audacious synonymous with his name, where art and craftsmanship soon became from Capucines to Asnieres sources of innovation beyond compare.

Comparing his customers’ needs, his intuition of an age of greater travel than any before.

He invented the flat trunk, the first modern luggage, the famous S-lock, an unpickable thief block, the mini-trunk, and so much more.

More cases, accessories, and custom luggage, visionary in all type of voyage Savorgnan de Brazza’s camp-bed trunk for explorer caused a sensation amongst the influencers.

Influencing the 30’s, as women found a voice Louis Vuitton’s new Keepall gave them a choice of purses to carry that are now fashion icons.

Iconic as the monogram, LV
Standing for true artistry
Art nourished by travel, then further enhanced
By Sprouse, Murakami, evolving in a dance

Dance of creative genius soaring onward and up
Like the wind-blown sails of the America’s Cup

Cupped sails that echo the avant-garde lines
Of the Foundation, a symbol that defines
The courage beloved of… Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton Presents Never Ending Story

Louis Vuitton Presents Never Ending Story


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